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4 Zodiacs Who Had A Terrible Start To 2024

We all had high hopes when entering 2024. Unfortunately, some people didn’t end up with the fairytale year that they were imagining. Of course, this year is far from over. There’s still plenty of time to reach goals, relax, and have fun with your favorite people. Here are a few zodiacs who had a terrible start to 2024 (but can still have a great end to their 2024):


Taurus, you would think this world couldn’t hurt you since you’re always prepared for the worst, but somehow you end up disappointment anyway. You end up feeling like no matter how hard you try, you can never do anything right. But your bad days aren’t your fault. They happen to everyone, so don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re doing the best you can. And remember, just because the first half of the year didn’t work out the way you planned doesn’t mean the rest of the year is going to bring the same disappointment. You can’t expect things to go wrong. Keep trying. Keep staying strong.


Libra, you’re an optimist. A dreamer. A romantic. You always have high hopes for the future — but things don’t always turn out the way you planned. Since your expectations for this year were so different than what your reality turned out being, it might be hard to accept certain situations or cope with certain loses. But you are going to be okay. You have the strength to get through this month, just like you got through the other months of the year. Things can only get better from here on out, so at least you have something to look forward to as the year progresses.


This year isn’t working out the way you hoped, which is extra frustrating because you’ve been trying your best. You’ve been putting in the work. You should be seeing results by now. But this world isn’t always fair. You won’t always get rewarded, even when you deserve it. But you need to continue believing in yourself. Continue chasing after your dreams and investing in yourself. Don’t let a crummy start to the year make you lose hope. Even though you might not have gotten what you wanted yet, who knows what tomorrow will bring? This year isn’t over yet.


Pisces, you aren’t the type to complain, so you haven’t really admitted how hard this year has been on you — even to yourself. But it’s okay to be honest about things not turning out the way you expected. It’s okay to feel lost, sad, or disappointed. Those feelings deserve to be felt, but they shouldn’t last forever. You shouldn’t feel like this pain is eternal because it’s only temporary. Things are going to look up soon. Unfortunately, you have to get through the rough times to get to the best times. You have to believe you can handle this because you can. You already have been. And you should be proud of yourself for that.

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