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4 Zodiacs Who Give Their Crushes Too Much Power Over Them

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Some zodiacs can’t think straight when they have a crush. Every thought is occupied by this person. Every waking moment is spent wondering how they’re doing and planning out ways to spend more time together. Although this might sound sweet, it can actually be a pretty dangerous thing to do. It can lead to some pretty intense heartbreak. Here are some zodiacs who give their partners way too much power over them:

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When you fall for someone new, you fall hard. You have trouble caring about anything else because they are in the front and center of your mind. But you can’t give someone that much power over you. Especially someone who hasn’t agreed to make a commitment yet. You don’t want to grow too attached and end up with your heart broken in the end. Even though your willingness to love is something to be admired, you need to be careful with how much time and attention you give this person. Don’t make them your whole world before you’re even official.

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Pisces, you are responsible for your own happiness. You shouldn’t be relying on a crush to make your day — and you shouldn’t be exhausting yourself trying to make their day either. Yes, it’s wonderful that you put so much effort into potential relationships, but you need to make sure that your effort is being reciprocated. You need to make sure that this person respects you and admires you the way that you deserve. You have a bad habit of pouring all of your love into someone who isn’t interested in giving any back, and that has to change. You don’t want to give someone who couldn’t care less about you this much power over you.

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You read deeply into everything your crush says and does. Your whole day can be ruined if they ignore your messages or post pictures hanging out with someone else because you’ll worry that it’s a sign you’re never going to end up together. While it’s natural to overthink when it comes to love, you don’t want to give this person the power to make or break your day. You don’t want your happiness to depend entirely on how they treat you that day or how much attention you’re given. One person shouldn’t have that much power. Especially someone who might not even deserve you.

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You’re extra careful with your heart, but when you end up crushing on someone new, all of your sense goes out the window. You are on the lookout for red flags early on but once you decide someone is worth pursuing, you stop seeing those red flags. You start making up excuses for them because you want them to be perfect. You want to spend all your time with them. However, you can’t assume you’re the problem when your crush doesn’t text back or cancels plans with you or flirts with someone else in front of you. You can’t let them have power over your self-worth and self-confidence.

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