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4 Zodiacs Who Give Their Crushes Too Much Access

When you’re interested in someone, you want to spend every second of your time with them – but that’s not a good idea. You have to have some boundaries. You have to have some time to yourself. Here are some zodiacs that give their crushes way too much access to them:


Cancers are completely devoted to their partners. They will do anything for the people that they love – even if it means hurting themselves in the process. If someone else needs them, they will drop everything to help them out. They won’t care if it’s inconvenient. They will be there, no matter what. Although Cancers should be proud of how thoughtful and caring they are in relationships, they should also be careful. Others can easily take advantage of them because they don’t have boundaries. They let others walk all over them. Sometimes, this sign is a little too nice, a little too flexible with their time.


Pisces cannot stand to see someone else hurting, which is why they’ll do anything to put a smile on their partner’s face. They will always tag along when their partner needs a plus-one and they will always answer the phone when they’re called. However, Pisces will hesitate to ask for the same type of help that they are given. Since they give others so much access to them (and never ask for access in return) the relationship can become unbalanced quickly. Even though Pisces might feel uncomfortable asking for what they want, they need to make their expectations clear. They need to demand the same amount that they’re giving. Otherwise, they’re going to end up feeling neglected and unloved. They’re going to end up putting in all the work in the relationship and getting nothing in return.


Even though you’re quiet and mysterious around new people, you become possessive over your partners. You want them with you at all times. Since you are so obsessed with this person, you completely forget about boundaries. You lower your standards and allow them to come and go as they, please. You don’t care whether they’re inconveniencing you because you would do anything to see them again. You would do anything to keep them around. But you need to remember to keep your standards high. Otherwise, they’re going to take up time you should be spending on other things, because you’ll never want to turn them away. You’ll end up neglecting other areas of your life to make them happy.


Leos are an open book. They aren’t going to hold anything back because they’re proud of who they are. And since they’re fiercely loyal, they are going to give their partner complete access to them once they get into a relationship. As long as someone is treating them right, they aren’t going to keep any secrets. They are going to speak their minds and show complete vulnerability. However, sometimes this can backfire on a Leo. If they are too open too quickly, it gives the other person plenty of ammo to break their heart. Although Leos should be proud that they are confident enough to be their real self at all times, they should be careful who they lower their guard around. They should remember to keep their standards high, even when they’re getting swept away.

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