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4 Zodiacs Who Get Their Shyness Mistaken For A Bad Attitude 2023

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Sometimes it’s obvious when someone is shy. They stumble over their words, they blush, they sweep away their eye contact at the last second. Not everyone is so easy to read, though. Sometimes we assume someone is a bitch or uninterested when they’re really just afraid to open up. Are you one of the following four zodiac signs who always get their shyness mistaken for something else?

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You unfortunately have a bit of a resting bitch face. You’ll be happy to meet someone new but they’ll assume that you’re put off by them somehow. It’s the quiet intensity. You’ve probably noticed that you have to be overly friendly just to get a good reaction from new people. So when you’re shy and reserved, it almost never goes well. If you’ve ever wondered why you don’t give off a better first impression, this is why. Luckily, when people take the time to get to know you, they realize you’re not as much of a curmudgeon as they thought.

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It’s the walls you put up. You might be feeling incredibly shy and apprehensive about a social situation, but will you show that? Hell no. You’d rather die than let people know you’re feeling insecure. Unfortunately, that means they can use their imagination when they try to figure out why you’re being so quiet. That’s why they assume it’s because you’re a bitch. If you could let down your walls just a tiny little bit, you’ll find you’ll start attracting a lot more people.

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You’re so dang serious and aren’t afraid to share your opinions. Frankly, people would believe that you hate them before they’d ever suspect that you’re shy. It just doesn’t match up with the vision they have of you in their heads. You? Shy? No way! And yet here you are getting nervous about talking to new people. If they only knew how hard it was for you sometimes. I guess there’s a compliment in there somewhere if you want to look hard enough–something about how strong-willed you seem. If you want them to know you’re shy, you could always tell them, then watch as their world-view implodes.

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Like Capricorn, you have a serious demeanor when you’re around new people. Unlike them, you aren’t nearly as talkative when you’re nervous or shy. Instead you hang off to the side, quietly watching all the charismatic outgoing people work their magic. New people will ask your friends what your deal is, and if your friends say it’s just that you’re shy, they might not believe it. You don’t come off as shy–just quietly intense and maybe a little scary. They’ll insist you hate them. It might take extra work to prove you’re not a bad person, but it’ll hopefully be worth the effort.

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