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4 Zodiacs Who Get Into Relationships Too Quickly

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It’s no surprise that a soul as sensitive as Cancer rarely hesitates to fall in love, but the truth is that they also value comfort and security so much that they’ll oftentimes rush into a relationship before they’ve really thought about whether it’s a good idea. They often find themselves wanting to skip over the beginning parts of getting to know someone and jump right into the committed part—which can often lead to a lot of disappointment and heartbreak in the end.

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Libras are in love with love, so it’s no surprise that sometimes they act a little rashly when it comes to relationships. They’re optimists at heart, which is why when they like someone, they want so badly for it to work that they may throw caution to the wind and go all in a little too soon. While Libra’s belief in romance is beautiful, because they also tend to be selfless in relationships, this can also be their downfall, because they may give too much of themselves too quickly and end up getting hurt in the end.

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Aries tend to act with their heart before their head, which isn’t always a bad thing—because of this, they tend to be true to their emotions and themselves. But they might also jump into something before they’re truly ready, or worse, push someone into committing when they’re not in the right headspace to do so. This can lead to a messy start to a relationship and can sometimes even result in Aries realizing that what they wanted in the moment wasn’t actually what they wanted in the long term.

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Leos are funny in the way that they can go a long time without committing to anybody, and then suddenly, out of nowhere, they’ll meet someone and jump into a serious relationship without a second thought. It’s probably because they lead with their heart and their passion, and if someone can capture their heart, they’re ready to give that person their all. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but Leos could certainly benefit from some caution, because if it’s the right person, there’s nothing wrong with a little patience—things will work out with time.

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