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4 Zodiacs Who Feel Like They Failed 2024

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With the year winding down, it’s natural to start thinking about all the things that went right in 2024 — and all of the things that didn’t go according to plan. It might feel like everyone around you is succeeding while you’re stuck in place or are even falling behind, but you need to remember that you are far from alone. Here are a few zodiacs who feel like they failed 2024 (even though that’s not the truth at all):

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Aries, you have big dreams that are impossible to reach overnight — but it’s been longer than one night. You’ve been trying to achieve certain goals for months, or maybe even years now, and you feel like you’re still coming up short. But that’s okay. That doesn’t make you a failure. After all, it’s better to put effort into your goals than to sit there and let opportunities pass you by. At least you aren’t being a passive player in your own life. At least you are putting in the work. It might not have paid off yet, but you’re on the right path. You’re doing what you need to do. And you should be damn proud of yourself for that, no matter how 2024 turns out in the end.

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Virgo, you’re incredibly hard on yourself. Even when ninety-nine percent of the things on your to-do list go right, you’re focused on the one percent that went wrong. You need to work toward changing that mindset because it is slowly destroying you. You need to take the time to celebrate your wins, even when they feel small. Remember, you can’t punish yourself for all of the bad things that happen without taking credit for the good things as well. As much as you like to think you’re in control of everything, there are some things in this world that are beyond your control. There are some facts you simply can’t change. You need to accept this. And accept that 2024 wasn’t as big of a failure as it feels right now.


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Leo, you are a confident sign who’s usually able to look on the bright side — but this year, you’ve been struggling to feel good about what you’ve accomplished. You had so many more goals that you dreamed about achieving. You had so many more milestones that you planned on reaching. However, the end of the year isn’t the end of the line. The date is arbitrary. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve done everything on your checklist by the last day in December. There’s plenty of time to continue chasing your dreams in January and beyond. You haven’t failed yet because you haven’t given up yet.


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Pisces, you had a rough year, but you made it through. You survived until today — and that’s something you should celebrate. Even though there were moments when you weren’t sure whether you could handle any more stress, you managed to get through it. Maybe you broke down in tears. Maybe you brought back a bad habit. But you still made it through. You can always work toward creating a healthier, happier version of yourself in 2024, but as for 2024, you should be proud that you made it through. Celebrate your resilience and strength.

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