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4 Zodiacs Who Expect To Be Your Top Priority In Relationships

Some zodiacs have high standards when it comes to relationships. They aren’t going to put up with anything less than the best because they recognize their own worth. They know that they deserve someone who considers them important and treats them as such. Here are a few zodiacs who expect to be your top priority in relationships:


Aries have sky high standards that they refuse to negotiate. If you’re unable to meet their most basic expectations, they have no problem kicking you to the curb. They’re okay with living the single life, so it’s not like they need a relationship in order to feel good about themselves. They would rather remain on their own than put up with someone who clearly doesn’t care about them enough to prioritize the relationship. Aries are a fiery, confident sign, so there’s no convincing them to stick around someone who devalues them.


Leos want to be the center of your universe. Even though they are confident enough to give you space and let you live your own life, they want you to be enamored by them at the end of the day. They want your full, undivided attention. If you make it clear that other things are more important to you than the relationship, they are going to walk. They don’t need someone in their life who makes them feel small, who makes them doubt themselves, who lowers their confidence. Leos know that they are a catch, and they want someone who is going to treat them that way. Someone who understands how lucky they are and never takes their love for granted.


Virgos have high expectations for themselves and everyone surrounding them. They push others to reach their fullest potential. Although they understand everyone makes mistakes and they always leave room for improvement, they aren’t going to be happy if someone isn’t even attempting to treat them well. The intention is the point. The effort is the point. If someone refuses to prioritize them, they take it as a sign of disrespect. Although this sign won’t walk away at the first sign of trouble, they will start to grow more and more frustrated as they slide further down this person’s list of priorities. After all, they aren’t asking for much. They’re simple asking for respect.


Libras are romantics, and they want a relationship like they’ve seen on the big screen. They want a partner who sweeps them off their feet, who gives them everything they’ve ever wanted and then some. Since they’ve daydreamed about finding their person since they were young, they aren’t going to let their past self down. They’re going to hold out for someone who prioritizes them, who puts the relationship above everything else in their life. They understand that their partner is going to care about other things and have other important people in their life—but nothing should take precedence over their love. They might have doubts about themselves from time to time, but they know that they deserve better than someone who is only half invested.

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