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4 Zodiacs Who Don’t Want To Think About Love This Summer

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Sometimes, romance is the only thing on your mind. Other times, you need a break from the drama of dating. Maybe you just want to enjoy the summer season with your friends without any pressure, without worrying about forming any new connections. Here are the zodiacs who don’t want to think about love this summer (but might accept it if it happens to fall into their lap):

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Aries put their whole heart and soul into everything they do, so when they’re looking for love, it’s pretty much the only thing on their mind. But this summer, they aren’t sure whether they want to dedicate so much time to searching for a relationship. They want to enjoy the moment with their friends and family. They want to make the most of their career. They want to enjoy everything that they currently have without worrying about discovering more. Aries know that they don’t need a relationship in order to feel fulfilled, so this summer, love won’t be at the front and center of their mind. They are going to be investing their energy into other areas — unless someone truly special happens to come along.

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Leos are one of the most independent signs in the zodiac. Although they always keep their hearts open to love, they aren’t going to spend this summer sitting around waiting for a certain someone. They aren’t going to put their happiness into anyone else’s hands. They’re going to make their own happiness. They’re going to do what they want when they want without asking for permission. This sign doesn’t want to waste one of their favorite seasons, so they are going to have the time of their life, with or without a partner. They aren’t going to give their single status a second thought.

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Scorpios aren’t going to waste this summer searching for a love that they might not find. They would rather set goals they can actually take steps toward reaching. While they want to have fun this season, they also want to be productive, which is why they’re going to focus on the things that are actually within their control. The things that they can make happen. This sign won’t turn down love if it’s right in front of them, but most days, their focus will be elsewhere. Their mind will be on making real progress in their lives, one way or another.

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Pisces are always interested in a sweet summer romance — but they aren’t going searching for one this year. They would rather invest their energy into the meaningful relationships that are already in their lives. After all, they don’t always have spare time, so they want to use it in the best way possible. They want to meet up with friends and family whenever they have the chance to form new memories. And quite frankly, they want to relax. They want to spend some time sitting by the pool or lounging in the grass without having to worry about what anyone else wants. They want to give themselves a breather after spending so much of the year stressed and exhausted.

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