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4 Zodiacs Who Don’t Want ‘Premature Intimacy’

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Some zodiacs get turned off when their partners try to move too fast. They want to take things slow and get to know each other at a gradual pace. Learning too much too quickly can cause them to feel overwhelmed and leave. Here are the zodiacs who aren’t interested in premature intimacy:

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You need time to warm up to new people. You aren’t going to feel comfortable sharing your deepest thoughts with someone new on the first date. You need time to get to know them so you can determine whether or not you trust them. If someone acts too pushy with you and wants to hear your whole life story the first time you meet, then you are going to feel uncomfortable. You don’t want to be plied with too many serious questions early on. You want first dates to feel fun and lighthearted. You don’t want to feel like you’re doing an interview. You don’t want to feel like they’re tearing at your walls because you aren’t ready to let them down yet.

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You are highly selective about who you let into your heart. You aren’t going to give just anyone access. You need them to prove that they are trustworthy and deserving of your effort. You need to take the time to get to know them before you are going to open up to them. While you don’t fault people who overshare early on, you are never going to do the same. You are careful about how much you reveal to others. You are private when it comes to your innermost thoughts and feelings. You aren’t going to share them too early in the relationship. And if someone isn’t okay with that, then the relationship simply isn’t going to work out.

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You aren’t going to force intimacy. You want it to develop naturally over the course of the relationship. If someone tries to move too quickly with you, physically or emotionally, then you are going to wonder why they’re in such a rush. You aren’t going to open up to someone when you barely even know them yet. You need time to get comfortable with them. You need to get to know the basics before you reveal your deepest, darkest secrets. If someone pressures you to open up about too much too soon, then you are going to feel uncomfortable because they need to earn that type of access to you. They don’t get it automatically.

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You aren’t going to spill your heart out to a stranger. You aren’t going to risk confiding in someone that you barely even know. If someone tries to be emotionally intimate with you too quickly, then you are going to shut them out. You aren’t going to answer questions that feel invasive. You are going to make it clear you aren’t ready for those conversations yet, then let them decide their next move. This other person can either patiently wait until you get to know each other better, or they can find someone new, but you aren’t going to open up to them until you feel ready.

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