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4 Zodiacs Who Don’t Realize When They’ve Met Their Soulmate

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Maybe they’ve got insecurities holding them back from seeing the truth? Or maybe they’re just oblivious? The following four zodiac signs don’t even realize when they’ve met their soulmate. Are you one of them? Look for your sign below.

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You have so much going on, you get distracted by every little thing. It’s the chaos energy that makes a Gemini so interesting. It also means that you might have already met your soulmate and you have no idea. It could be that you dated them but one little misstep had you breaking it off. Or maybe they’re that friend that’s always by your side, even after you push them away. Have a long look at the list of people you know, because your soulmate’s name could be there.

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The problem with being a serial monogamist with a long list of friends is that some people in your life will miss their window of opportunity for dating you. As soon as a breakup is official, you’re onto the next person, even if maybe they aren’t the best match. Perhaps there’s someone waiting in the wings you haven’t considered? The next time you go through a break up, just wait and breathe and enjoy the solitude as a newly single person. It’ll help you open your eyes to the people you know who truly fit the soulmate status you’ve been looking for.

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You have so much on your mind that has absolutely nothing to do with romance or dating, it should come as no surprise that you might miss your soulmate once they enter your life. You’re the type to say, “Wow, I had no idea,” when someone has been blatantly flirting with you for ages. If you’re actually interested in finding your soulmate and finally living that blissfully-in-love lifestyle, take some time to actually consider the people you meet. You probably already know the person.

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Unlike the other zodiac signs on this list, it’s not like your soulmate has necessarily gone undetected. Your friends have probably been trying to hook you up for ages. They point out all the ways that you’re perfect for each other, have tons of proof of them flirting with you, and yet…you just can’t believe it. You come up with any excuse for why it can’t possibly be true. Or, even if you agree, you still hold yourself back from doing anything about it. Cut your friends some slack and trust the process. They know who you are and what you’re about.

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