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4 Zodiacs Who Don’t Realize Someone Is Waiting For Them Under The Mistletoe

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Aries is so blunt and to the point that they’ve been consistently missing the subtle clues a would-be-suitor has been trying to drop around the clock. Aries is so committed to their I-make-the-first-move mindset that the thought that this person could be preemptively trying to get something going completely escapes them. They need to expand their perceptive capabilities beyond their own wants and needs, especially if they are actually interested in finding a partner.  They need to become a tactician in love. It’s not just attack attack attack. They need to be able to diversify their strategy. Learn to anticipate their partner’s moves. See the challenge as a game of chess and not whack-a-mole. Because if they don’t get with the program quickly, they could miss out on someone who takes them more seriously than anyone has in a long time.

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Leo is too busy focused on everyone at the holiday party to notice the one person who has been waiting for them all night under the mistletoe. They lack the maturity to appreciate one person’s attention above the rest of the crowd. They need to be noticed and admired and engaged in conversation with everyone, and because of this, they often miss out on the people most suited to their actual needs in a relationship. The ones who are loyal and committed and never want to compete with Leo to be the star of the show. It’s all very Notting Hill at the end of the day, and the readers of Horse and Hound magazine are waiting impatiently for Leo to snap out of their diva tendencies and come down to earth.

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Cancer can’t tell when someone is really putting themselves out there with them because they are so open with everyone it doesn’t dawn on them that striking up a conversation can be a herculean effort for others. By the time this person has placed themselves under the mistletoe in hopes that Cancer will cross their path, Cancer just assumes they’ve kicked off another fruitful friendship. If they could only give the shy ones an actual chance they’d see the lengths people are going to get closer to them. Sometimes the tortoise and the hare are actually the one’s meant for each other. Cancer, the hare in this instance, just doesn’t realize it yet. They need to look at others with the lens that everyone has a diversified skill set. There could be something that seems impossible to Cancer that this person can do in their sleep.

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Scorpio doesn’t realize someone is waiting for them underneath he mistletoe because they assume that person has long given up on them. They have a tendency to underestimate people’s sincerity in pursuing them, and the strength of the attachments formed during the intense flirtations they inspire. Someone is waiting under the mistletoe for them, not because they’re looking for a night of passion, but because they want to build a life with Scorpio. If only Scorpio wasn’t such a pessimist, they would see the potential sitting literally in front of them. They are so used to people abandoning their pursuit that they just assume everyone will give up once they see it’s not that easy to capture Scorpio’s attention. They need to recognize when someone is willing to put in the work, instead of immediately defaulting to looking for someone new.

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