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4 Zodiacs Who Don’t Know How To Do ‘Nothing’

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Some zodiacs would quit their job and spend every single day relaxing if they could. But other zodiacs struggle to sit around and do nothing for long periods of time. Whenever there’s a lull in their schedule, they will find a way to fill it because they can’t stand the stillness. Here are the zodiacs who don’t know how to do nothing:

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You feel the most comfortable when your schedule is packed. That’s when you’re feeling your most productive, your most useful, your most alive. Plus, it gives you less time to worry about whatever is going on in your life. When you don’t have anything to do, your mind will wander, and it can go to some dark places. You would rather keep yourself occupied so you aren’t stuck stressing about the mistakes you’ve made yesterday, the people that you’ve lost, or what the future could potentially hold for you. But you need to remember, doing nothing can be beneficial. It can give you the opportunity to relax and unwind. Boredom isn’t the worst thing in the world. Sometimes, it’s the best.

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Virgo, you are an overachiever and an overthinker. You feel uncomfortable doing absolutely nothing because it’s so outside of the norm for you. Usually, you go above and beyond. When you’re finished with today’s responsibilities, you’ll get a head start on tomorrow’s. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to keep going and going. You are allowed to enjoy the peace and quiet. You don’t have to fill it. You don’t have to keep proving yourself, to the rest of the world or the person in the mirror. You’ve already done more than enough.

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Capricorn, you feel a strong sense of responsibility. You feel like it’s up to you to handle everything, which is why you’re more stressed when you’re doing absolutely nothing than when your plate is overflowing. Whenever your schedule gets too empty, you feel like there’s something you’re forgetting, or like you’re letting other people down, like you’re wasting away your potential. Although you have always been proud of how much you can take on at once, you need to remember that doing nothing is allowed. You don’t have to put so much pressure on yourself every single day. You can just exist.

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Pisces, you’re always running around trying to help out others. You could have a free day in front of you, but then you will fill it up with favors. You will do whatever you can to help ease the burdens of your family, friends, coworkers, and anyone else who requests your help. You struggle to do nothing because there’s always something that needs your attention. Or more accurately, someone who needs your attention. You don’t want to let anyone down or leave them hanging when they’re in trouble, which is why you are always so busy. But you’re allowed to focus on yourself for once. You’re allowed to shut out the rest of the world and relax without worrying how everyone is coping without you.

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