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4 Zodiacs Who Can’t Pinpoint What’s Been Bothering Them Lately

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Life isn’t always sunshine and roses. Even when things are technically going great, you might still feel like something is missing. You might not feel like you’re exactly where you belong, even though you aren’t entirely sure what is wrong. Here are the zodiacs who haven’t been feeling their best lately, but they can’t seem to pinpoint what has been bothering them:

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You are a go-getter. You aren’t afraid to put in the hard work, so if you knew what the problem was, you would work toward fixing it. The issue is that you aren’t exactly sure what’s been bothering you. You aren’t sure what changes you could make to enjoy your life more. Before you can take action, you need to take some time to look inward. You need to ask yourself important questions to figure out what’s wrong. It might take some time to figure out, and that’s okay. If you stay patient with yourself and stay honest with yourself, then eventually you’ll figure it out.

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You aren’t sure what’s been bothering you lately, but that might be because you haven’t given yourself a second to think about it. You are always packing your schedule, giving yourself hardly any time to think. You keep busy to be productive, sure, but also to avoid thinking about the tough stuff. But you can’t avoid your feelings forever. Even though you have been trying to suppress them, they’re still coming through if you haven’t been feeling like your best self lately. You need to take a second to pause and think about your emotions instead of staying in constant motion. You need to spend some time on yourself for a change.

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You haven’t been feeling your best lately, even though nothing has been wrong. At least, that’s what you have been telling yourself. You have been claiming that you’re fine for such a long time that you have convinced yourself it’s the truth. But since you aren’t doing great, you need to be more honest with yourself. You need to stop pushing away the emotions you feel are too silly to take seriously. Admit what’s wrong – at least to yourself. Once you have that figured out, you can start working on problem-solving. But first, you need to spend some time alone, some time processing and accepting what is going on with you emotionally.

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From an outsider’s perspective, you have everything that you need, which is why you feel so guilty about admitting you aren’t doing okay. But you shouldn’t feel bad about your own emotions. You are entitled to your feelings. They are valid. Don’t let others convince you that you don’t have a right to complain. You are allowed to feel the way that you feel. You need to let those emotions in so you can process them properly and deal with them. Admitting that you’re struggling isn’t being ungrateful. If you’re hurting, you’re hurting. You don’t have to hide it.

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