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4 Zodiacs Who Can’t Keep Ignoring The Red Flags In Their Relationship

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You are your own red flag, Sagittarius. It’s clear your partner is ready for a level of commitment you’re not really comfortable with, and yet, here you are going through the motions. You’re enjoying the attention and the devotion, but the truth is you have a line of visibility to the expiration date on this relationship, but your partner doesn’t. They are fully invested and you have a toe out the door here, someone else waiting on the back burner there, and a back up plan for the back up plan in case of an emergency. You need to do some real soul searching to discover why it is you’re keeping your true thoughts and feelings to yourself. It’s not to spare anyone’s feelings, no matter how much you want to convince yourself it is. You’re avoiding your actual reality by taking refuge in a very elaborate distraction.

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Your friends don’t like your partner, Leo, and it’s tearing you apart inside because it’s making you question everything. You’re not ready to embrace either possibility – that you need to find a better partner, or you need to find better friends. Both outcomes would equally break your heart, so you’re just trying to ignore the blatantly obvious, that these folks just aren’t gelling together. You’re starting to internalize the conflict, and even blame yourself for their lack of cohesion. Maybe you didn’t set the stage enough. Maybe you haven’t been giving everyone the attention they deserve. You’ll never get anywhere with all this speculation; it’s time to just ask that lingering question, why? And then, you’ll have to deal with the response. You trust these friends for a reason, so you may as well honor that trust with an honest conversation.

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You’re not seeing a sufficient level of reciprocation, Aries. You give, give, give, and your partner simply takes it for granted. If you haven’t communicated your needs, now is the time to speak up, but if you have, it’s time to reconsider whether this person is the right fit. You’ve been more than accommodating, and have jumped through all the hoops to add convenience to the other person’s life, but in some cases, haven’t even received a “thank you” for your efforts. You deserve to be with someone who appreciates you, and someone who sees and treats you as an equal in your partnership. Don’t settle for something unbalanced now, hoping accounts will settle themselves. You’ll only accumulate resentment.

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You’re not crazy, Aquarius, something about their story just isn’t adding up. Whether they are bending the truth, omitting key facts, or just blatantly lying to you, the time has come for you to stop ignoring the fishiness of the situation. It’s admirable that you want to avoid accusing them of something without any proof, that you don’t want to go hunting for the truth, but there is a way for you to express that you feel they aren’t being completely forthcoming with you. You’re a good judge of character, and if your intuition is telling you something isn’t right, that’s likely because it is. When someone is telling you the truth, when someone wants to make you feel secure in a relationship, you’ll recognize it

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