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4 Zodiacs Who Can’t Be Single During Cuffing Season


Gemini needs that emotional support only a partner can offer to make it through the holidays. Their schedule is a hectic maze to navigate on its own throughout the year, so when the added pressure of holiday expectations comes into play, self-soothing isn’t going to cut it. They need to be talked off the ledge in the middle of kitchen catastrophes, gift-wrapping snafus, and that dreaded moment when they simply feel they have nothing to wear for the family gathering they are coming uncomfortably close to being late for. They’re the kind of partner who will be eternally grateful for support in their most stressful moments, and anyone who can navigate the holiday season has a strong chance of sticking around well after cuffing season comes to an end.


Leo needs a plus one to the holiday party, secret santa, Christmas cocktails and beyond, which means cuffing season is prime time to pick up a catch you may otherwise have not had a chance with. They love every little tradition and have extreme fomo if they deviate or skip even the smallest seasonal ritual. There has to be someone under the mistletoe for them, someone to take a couples picture with Santa, someone to pick out a tree with, and on and on until that New Year’s Day hangover where they weigh the pros and cons of extending their holiday fling all the way to Valentine’s Day, or cutting their cuffing season boo loose to start fresh with a new calendar ready to be filled with first dates.


Virgo needs a sous chef in their holiday kitchen, and they sure as hell need professional training, because when Virgo has promised to bring baked goods to the party, they’re measuring everything down to the gram. Their cuffing season companion has to be able to deal with high stress and even higher expectations because there is no time to explain the difference between Kerrygold and spreadable butter when the clock is ticking. When Virgo sends you out to the grocery store for a shallot, you better not come back with red onion unless chastisement and emotional flagellation are your thing. Once you’ve been shown the door, Virgo will recruit a sibling, cousin, or friend instead. A position few would volunteer for, which is why their entire inner circle starts playing matchmaker the second Halloween comes to a close.


Taurus needs a loved one to shower with gifts for the holidays, so once cuffing season rolls around, they are on a mission. It’s the one time of year they feel guilty about shopping for themselves, so they need to channel that energy into a significant other who will also take care of Taurus’ wish list in return. It’s a win-win situation for all involved. Taurus still has their standards, so it’s not about tying down the first person they see. Their cuffing season pick needs to feel like a luxury whether they’re coming home to meet the family, or ditching the traditional celebrations for vacation on a powdery beach. Taurus just needs someone who is along for the ride.

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