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4 Zodiacs Who Can Never Tell If The Relationship Is Serious Or A Fling

Some zodiacs have trouble telling when their crush is interested in a serious relationship or only wants something casual and fun. After all, mixed signals are tough to interpret. Here are the zodiacs who can never tell if the relationship is serious or a fling:


Taurus, you aren’t always sure when the person you’re seeing feels the same way. You have trouble bringing up questions about labels because it’s just plain awkward. You don’t want to find out that this person isn’t on the same page as you — but you hate sitting around and wondering what their intentions are. It bothers you when you don’t have answers, when you’re stuck making guesses and trying to read minds — but that doesn’t mean you’re going to come right out and ask what you mean to them. You would rather wait for them to tell you on their own. But you need to remember, you’re allowed to ask the question. You’re allowed to state your expectations.


Gemini, you are never sure whether you’re headed toward a serious relationship or are only in the middle of a fling because, most of the time, you aren’t even sure what you want. You aren’t sure whether you want this relationship to be temporary or permanent, and if you aren’t sure what you want, how on earth could you guess what they want? Even though you’re usually excellent at communicating, labels are always a tricky thing for you because you’re never ready for such a big conversation. It makes you nervous, so you avoid bringing it up at all.


Sagittarius, you try your hardest to enjoy the moment — but that’s not what most people want to hear when they’re interested in dating you. They want a solid answer about whether you’re a couple or not, and you’re happy to answer that question if they ask you directly — but otherwise, you will keep enjoying the present moment without bringing up the topic. You won’t want to spoil a fun mood by acting too serious. You would rather goof around with them and keep things lighthearted, even when you’re dying to know whether they feel the same way as you. Even when you can’t stop analyzing their every move and wondering whether their feelings match your own.


Pisces, you have a hard time telling whether the other person is only interested in a fling or wants a serious relationship because you usually only want one thing. Commitment. You have trouble understanding why anyone would settle for less than this, how they could be happy with such a temporary situationship. Since you usually have your heart set on dating the person you’ve been seeing, you usually see what you want to see. You usually assume they’re interested in dating too — but you’ve been proven wrong before. You’ve misread signals one too many times. You never want to jump to conclusions about how they feel, even if it seems obvious, because you understand that flings and serious relationships can look shockingly similar early on.

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