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4 Zodiacs Who Can Manifest Big Things This Weekend (September 8 – 10)

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Big things come to those who want them. Manifesting isn’t just about thinking about what you want. That’s just the first step. When you can envision your desires, picture your dreams, you’re more likely to take the little conscious and unconscious steps to make them happen. If you’re one of the following zodiacs, this is your sign to start manifesting exactly what you want this weekend. Use your power wisely and create the life you deserve.

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Normally you designate your weekends for vegging out and recuperating all the energy you lost over the week. Or, if you really have to, you’ll set aside some time to get big chores done. While there’s nothing wrong with a quiet weekend at home, it’s a part of a larger routine that keeps you right where you are. This weekend, take just a tiny step toward your dreams. Manifest big changes in the future by taking that very first step. It could mean going to the library to surround yourself with books, signing up for a watercolor class with your local community education program, or finally agreeing to be set up by your coworker. You’ve got this.

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You’re known for being the most emotional zodiac sign, and that’s for good reason. Not only are you in-tune with the emotions of the people around you, you’re also a deep well of feelings yourself. When you have such a vibrant internal world like that, it can be easy to get stuck in the thought process of something. It’s hard to make things happen if you get stuck dreaming about what you want. This weekend, make dreams a reality and manifest change toward your goals by taking concrete action. Translate all those feelings into something you can hold or measure or see. Don’t get stuck in your dreams.

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It’s time to manifest fun this weekend. Why just sit around doing nothing when you could have an epic weekend with your friends? Call up everyone you want to spend time with and do something memorable. Make a drinking game out of a rom-com marathon. Have a costume party even though it isn’t Halloween. Have a pizza-making brunch where you all drink mimosas and put weird toppings on your personal pan pizzas. This is how you make the memories that will last a lifetime.

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You’re really good at manifesting the big life changes that other people only dream of. You’re quick to go on adventures, see new things, make your life interesting and cool. It’s the smaller things that you’re not as good at. The quiet moments, like meeting up with a friend for drinks or calling your parents just to check in. This weekend, think small. What are the little things you could do this weekend that could get you closer to the social connections you may have been neglecting? Now’s the time to get closer to those you care about.

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