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4 Zodiacs Who Can Anticipate Big Life Change This February, Thanks To The Aquarius Stellium

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Though it’s hotly debated amongst astrologers when the so-called Age of Aquarius will begin (with dates ranging between 1962 and 2600 AD), one thing is for certain: the next two decades will be strongly influenced by Aquarian themes as Pluto gradually grinds its way through the sign of the water-bearer.

On February 16th, it won’t just be Pluto pouring out its influence from the Aquarian water pitcher. A whole host of Aquarius placements, including the sun, Mercury, Mars, and Venus, will be lined up in close conjunction in the skies.

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Since Pluto is a generational planet that rules the collective more than individuals, there’s no avoiding this big event, and everyone will feel the effects of it, for better or for worse. But there are a few zodiac signs guaranteed to get hit more than others. Spoiler alert: if you’re a fixed sign, your life is about to change.


With Aquarius ruling your tenth house of career, you’re not going to be able to avoid the spotlight. A large majority of you will wake up to find yourselves going unexpectedly viral, especially if you’ve recently posted videos relating to your ideological convictions or causes you support. If you wake up one morning a controversial or canceled influencer, don’t panic; the whims of the masses are unpredictable, and your haters will soon move onto the next thing. On the other hand, if you’re suddenly everyone’s new favorite It Girl, be very cautious. There is a lot of danger of getting a big head and forgetting why you started. Remember what your values are and don’t stray from them, even if the allure of money and fame is very tempting.

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This stellium is occurring in your seventh house of relationships, and you’re used to them being a bit unconventional, in true Aquarius style. However, this time around, you might learn something about your partner that doesn’t sit right with you—or vice versa. Something they do or say is bound to blindside you or wake you up to the fact that you’re out of alignment. In the past they might have displayed no interest in anything other than committed long-term marriage, but now they’re asking to open your relationship; or you might be the one suddenly announcing you’re bored and want to experiment after a lifetime of serial monogamy. It’s not necessarily bad energy for your sex lives. Try something a little out there.

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Aquarius rules your fourth house of home and family, so some of you will literally be moving this week. Signing a lease or getting the keys to your first home is always an exciting milestone, but this move heralds the beginning of a life-changing cycle that will shake up everything you thought you knew and believed about your domestic sphere. Those of you who aren’t packing up any boxes and U-Haul trucks this week will feel this new moon energy in the form of a revelation about your place of origin. There’s not much you don’t manage to uncover on your own, but you might be shocked by the family secrets you learn. Some of you will head back to your hometowns for the funeral of a loved one, experiencing this stellium as a darker and more somber event. Allow yourself time to grieve.

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This one goes without saying. If you have an Aquarius sun, moon, or ascendant, your sense of self and personal identity is about to come under major review. Consider it a cosmic performance review. Has your focus been on the smaller details of your life up until now? You’ll learn it’s not just about you. Your innate commitment to humanitarianism will be triggered by global events, and it will be difficult to remain grounded in your own material reality. You’ll recognize just how big and wide the world is, and step into your true purpose: to help move humanity forward into a more enlightened future. Those of you with Aquarius on your ascendant will experience this stellium in your first house, so you might feel the need to make a dramatic, shocking transformation to your physical style or appearance that reflects your inner world. Don’t be too impulsive

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