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4 Zodiacs Who Build The Strongest Chosen Families

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Geminis are the sign that builds a chosen family wherever they go. They have a work family, an adult sports league family, a book club family, a foreign exchange student family, and on and on and on. They met one of their best friends at the swim-up bar during an all-inclusive vacation. They are the zodiac that gets invited to their mom’s hair stylist’s second cousin’s wedding, because you know, they have connections. Whoever they meet, under any circumstances, they make people feel seen and appreciated, and it yields strong adult relationships. Geminis are always open to new connections, they aren’t clicky or hung up on their high school besties. Friendship is a lifelong path and new people can join you at any time.

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Cancers are the momma birds of their chosen families. They’re always looking out for everyone and making sure everyone has enough to eat. They’re the shoulder to cry on, and the one that deletes a toxic ex’s number from your cell phone when it’s time to cut the cord but you’re not ready. A Cancer knows that a biological family isn’t guaranteed to be perfect, and neither are their chosen ones, but they at least have more say in who they give their trust to. They open up to the people with the best track records, the ones who have proven why they deserve to be let into the fold. Cancer cares more about quality than quantity, so their packs are close-knit and small in numbers.

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A Sagittarius is a stray little puppy looking to be adopted by any nice family looking for a loyal pet. They love being welcomed into existing relationships, getting to witness them firsthand, and then blending into the group dynamics. They are chameleons who can turn on the charm when needed, or go completely low-key and calm when the situation demands. They just want to soak up as much love as they can get, wherever they can get it. Down the street, or on the other side of the world, they are willing to move mountains to find a group of people who make them feel like they belong.

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Pisces are always on the search for their spiritual families. The ones who share their beliefs and never-ending search for knowledge. The people they can talk about current events and politics with without worrying they’ll offend. It’s just the way their brains are wired. There are too many thoughts swirling around that brain of theirs that to leave them unspoken would be considered such a waste. They are looking for the people who will support them most, no matter what. The people who truly like them for them, not just because they share some of the same DNA. The people who have seen them grow and change and evolve, and can sincerely say, “I’m proud of you.” A Pisces can recognize when someone has an accurate outside view of the person they’ve become.

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