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4 Zodiacs Who Aren’t Even Phased By A Breakup

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Capricorn fought so hard for the relationship while it was going on, that by the time the breakup hits, there’s already a DNR in place. They leave every bit of effort, every change they could have made, every part of themselves they could have worked on on the table. No stone is left unturned. So if the relationship doesn’t work out, that means there was truly nothing left that they could do, it was simply a matter of finally letting it go. The other party can’t even pretend like Capricorn didn’t make a Herculean effort to save what they had, and so they have nothing but good things to say about them in the aftermath. Even though there may be sadness over the loss, there are no doubts, no second guessing, and mature closure allows everyone to move on.

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A new breakup is just the flavor of the week to Scorpio. They know that to experience as many different people as they get the chance to in their romantic life, things inevitably must come to an end. It’s no secret no one really wants to share Scorpio, and when it becomes apparent that Scorpio isn’t as committed, a parting of ways subsequently takes place. Scorpio doesn’t get phased because they were never that invested to begin with. It’s like losing a five-dollar bet to them. The loss is the equivalent of a fast food meal or a pack of gum. When the stakes aren’t that high, neither is the comedown, which is why they feel so comfortable operating in this emotional range.

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When Taurus leaves a relationship behind, it’s inevitably because it didn’t live up to their high standards. Taurus is looking for something priceless, something that never goes out of style, and has that classic element to it that can age with grace over decades and lifetimes. When it’s clear a relationship is only meant for a seasonal fad or trend, they’re not upset to leave it behind. A fling can be fun every once in a while, but it’s not who they are in the long term. They’re able to walk away so easily because they have such a clearly defined vision of what they are looking for in mind, and they won’t waste any time recommencing their search for it as soon as they’re single.

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Everything is relative to Cancer. If they’ve been through one breakup, they can go through another. They know they’re strong enough to do it and never lose sight of their self-worth and value. They will get up the next day and remind themselves of all of the other ways they can enjoy life outside of a relationship. They will remember all of the many people in the world they have yet to meet and the very favorable chances for compatibility amongst that crowd. They know how to be gentle and kind with their own emotions, and don’t beat themselves up over a relationship that ultimately failed. At the end of the day, it’s just another part of life.

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