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4 Zodiacs Who Are Turning A Corner On September 5

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Libra feels like they have been turning corner after corner lately, as if stuck in a maze. Their only option has been to continue forward, pivoting their point of view to reveal what lies beyond each sharp angle. It’s been jarring, disorienting, and exhausting, and they’ve completely lost track of their north star. They don’t know where they are headed or what they are trying to escape from, but they continue to pick up one foot after another, moving forever ahead. The corner they turn today is not so different from this chain of events, but they will find renewed energy and perseverance in a new approach toward this chaos. The limited foresight has taught them, has required them to start living in the moment. To really take stock in everything around them. To be curious, to ask questions. To focus on the here and now of it all, not worrying about an end game or goal.

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Pisces is turning a corner in their personal health today. After a lot of finicking and self-diagnosing, trying new supplements, diets, or recipes, they will find an answer they’ve been searching for. It’s all a journey to master their own homeostasis. So whether they discover they’re allergic to ragweed or that coffee is hurting more than it’s helping, Pisces just wants to make sure they are taking as much care of their body as they do their mind. They can be the sign that is all go, go, go with an idea, project, or daydream, bordering on the obsessive at the expense of their own wellbeing. Today it’s about prioritizing the physical over the spiritual and emotional and committing to the idea that a healthy, well-rested Pisces will always be able to produce the best thoughts, and that’s all the motivation they need.

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Capricorn turns a corner in a search today. It could be for a home, a partner, the best hot dog in town, but whatever they’ve put the time and effort into will yield results today because they will finally know exactly what it is they’ve been looking for. Sometimes, you just can’t recognize it until it’s under your nose. Capricorn’s hard-working mentality means they will search and search and search, even if they don’t have a blueprint for what they’re looking for or a clear destination or instructions for how to get there. Capricorn follows a hunch and a feeling. A need to get involved in their community, a career path no one has set an example for yet. They trust their gut and seek out the life they are somehow getting a premonition of, and today they get some breadcrumb, some hint, some outline of what that answer will come in the form of.

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Sometimes turning a corner means failing slightly less than all your previous attempts, and today, that’s what happens for Gemini. If insanity is doing the same thing a million times and expecting a different result, for a Gemini, turning the corner means trying something for the millionth time and coming just a tiny bit closer to the outcome they’re seeking. Eventually inspiration will come, hand-eye coordination will improve, content will be memorized, and your goal will be achieved, but in between the first attempt and success comes a lot of trial and error. Bake one more soufflé, string together one more sentence of broken Italian, try one more combination of skincare products for your skin type. Where there is a will, there is a way, and today an inch feels like a mile of progress.

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