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4 Zodiacs Who Are Too Blunt For Their Own Good

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In social situations, honesty is almost never the best policy. As much as people may say they want to hear the truth, the truth can often sting like a bee. There’s a reason why very few people trust politicians and that the word “lawyers” sounds very close to the word “liars”— because people can’t handle the truth. It’s also why physicians, even though they deal in science, are encouraged to have good bedside manners. After all, no one wants to hear, “According to your recent blood tests, you have three months to live—sucks to be you!”

Blunt and tactless people value the truth above being popular, which is why they’d rather be right than win a popularity contest. They “tell it like it is” regardless of whose feelings get hurt. They are, as the saying goes, “honest to a fault.” This can come off as boorish, rude, gauche, and inconsiderate to others, but that’s the other person’s problem, isn’t it?

Here are the four zodiac signs most likely to be blunt and tactless, no matter the consequences.

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1. Sagittarius

A fire sign who doesn’t care whom they burn with the truth, the Archer will load their bow and shoot their flaming arrow straight through your heart without hesitating. They say what they mean, mean what they say, and they don’t care if you say it’s mean. If they feel it’s funny that you’ve recently suffered a misfortune, they’ll laugh in your face when you tell them. And when you get upset that they just laughed at your suffering, they’ll call you a crybaby and laugh harder. Regardless of how you feel about it, they feel it’s more insulting to sugarcoat the truth than to deliver it to you unfiltered.

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2. Aries

A temperamental fire sign ruled by Mars the warrior planet, Aries rams right through all social conventions and rules of proper etiquette. They are born without a filter, so don’t ask for their opinion if you don’t want it delivered harshly. In fact, you don’t even have to ask them—if you show up to work one day with a new hairstyle, they’ll just blurt out, “Who did your hair? It looks like hell.” You never have to read between the lines of what they say—there are no lines there. And when you ask them how they’re feeling, you’ll get an honest answer: “I’m tired, fed-up, and you’re starting to get  on my nerves.”

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3. Virgo

Virgo sees no difference between honesty and virtue. To them, telling the truth, no matter whose feelings get crushed by hearing it, is more honorable than sparing someone’s feelings. Verbal lumberjacks, they are able to cut you down to the stump with only a few words. The main problem with this is that they are hypocritically honest. A classic case of being able to dish it out but not take it, they will cry to high heaven and scream bloody murder if you return the favor and serve the truth up to them straight with no chaser. They reserve the right to criticize you as well as themselves, but woe unto the person who tries to criticize them.

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4. Taurus

Ironically, the Bull will hardly ever bullshit you. After all, Bulls aren’t known for being subtle. It’s hard to tiptoe when nature gave you hoofs rather than ballerina slippers. That’s why there’s a cliché about a “Bull in a china shop.” They don’t intend to break all the plates and leave everything shattered to pieces; they simply can’t help themselves. They are never intentionally mean; it’s just that lying is exhausting to them. If you don’t want them to gore you with the truth, it’s best to pretend that you’re at a rodeo with them rather than in a china shop—you’re the matador, and you need to skillfully step out of their way when they come blindly charging at you with their opinions.

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