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4 Zodiacs Who Are Tired Of Being So Nice

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Some zodiacs find it difficult to speak their mind because they’re worried it’s going to come across as rude. They will say what others want to hear instead in order to keep the peace, even when it’s destroying their own peace. And that needs to change. Here are the zodiacs who are tired of being so nice all the time:


You are always nice and polite because you don’t want to cause any ripples. You would rather pretend you’re perfectly fine than deal with some huge confrontation — but that could backfire on you. After all, if you never say what you want, then no one will know. You need to start being more transparent about your expectations and standards in order to push others to reach them. Yes, it might cause tension and arguments, but at least you won’t be getting walked over anymore. Although you are a nice person who will always treat others with the respect you wish they were giving you, that doesn’t mean you have to bend over backwards for them. Don’t give them everything when they’re giving you nothing at all.

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Libra, you never want to tell someone no because you are afraid of disappointing them. You want to help them out in whatever why you can because you’re a people-pleaser. You get enjoyment out of being there for others. But you can’t forget to be there for yourself too. You need to start asserting your boundaries and putting your foot down when someone mistreats you. After all, you are tired of being so nice. Tired of being the problem solver. Remember, it’s not up to you to fix everything that goes wrong, to be there for every person that you meet. You don’t have to show up for them all, especially when they have been failing to show up for you. Some people don’t deserve your level of kindness, so you should redirect it toward yourself.

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Your default setting is sweet. However, you are tired of being the nice one all the time. You are tired of going out of your way for people who never even utter a thank you. You are tired of being the one to send the first text and plan outings and ask others how they’re doing. You wish someone would check in with you for a change. You wish they would treat you to a relaxing day instead of expecting you to run around, doing fifty different things for them. While you usually push thoughts like this away because they feel ‘selfish,’ remember that you are allowed to ask for more. You are allowed to have your own needs, and to place them above the needs of others. Don’t neglect yourself. Be there for yourself in the way you’re always there for everyone else.

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You are nice to everyone you meet because you couldn’t stomach hurting someone on purpose. In fact, you go out of your way to avoid causing hurt feelings. You inconvenience yourself in order to be there for the people you care about the most. While your kindness is appreciated by most of your family and friends, you don’t have to continue showing up for the people who fail to appreciate you. The people who take you for granted, who take and take from you without ever giving you anything in return. Although you would never admit it, you’ve been exhausted by being so nice. Sometimes, you want to blurt out how you’re really feeling — and you’re allowed to do that. You’re allowed to be real. You don’t have to swallow every complaint. After all, getting your feelings out in the open is the only way problems will get solved in the end.

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