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4 Zodiacs Who Are Starseed Empaths (And Are Destined To Change The World)

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In books by psychiatrists who performed past life regression hypnosis on their clients, many clients described living past lives not just on earth but on other planets. Interestingly, “starseeds” are highly evolved souls who are said to come from other planets or star systems but incarnate on earth for a greater mission. Here are the four zodiacs who feel like aliens, but are destined to raise the vibration of Earth.

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You frequently feel like an alien who is still learning how to be human, Aquarius, and that’s for a reason. You’ve likely lived past lives on other planets and gained vital and vast extraterrestrial knowledge to help build and manifest a futuristic vision for earth. You are connected to new technology on this earth for a greater purpose – you are here to utilize it to shift the beings on this planet to a higher vibration and give them access to knowledge that will guide their spiritual advancement. Welcome to the age of Aquarius.

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You’ve always been an otherworldly galaxy vixen, Sagittarius, and you’ve roamed far and wide beyond the stars and deep into the cosmos in your past lives. In the planets you’re “originally” from, there was peace, joy, and collective happiness. Earth feels strange to you in comparison. You’ve managed to use your Midas touch to transform your reality into a luxurious one that is beyond most people’s wildest dreams – an earthly life that is abundant and cozy with the help of your ruling planet Jupiter which touches you with great fortune. Yet interacting with selfish Earthlings can feel overwhelming for you at times. See, for you, the people on “your” planets knew how to behave correctly and come correct. On earth? Yikes! Who are these weirdos and where are all the hot, high vibration people? You’ve experienced exquisite beauty and tranquility on other planets which is why you have such high standards now and why you often feel like an outsider with how jubilant and optimistic you are. Tap into your celestial superpowers from your past lives and make use of the gifts and knowledge you’ve obtained to help others. You are here to lift the vibration of earth – just don’t taint your bright soul in the process.

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You often feel out of place in society due to your emotions, Cancer and that’s because you incarnated on earth from a uniquely sensitive planet more in tune with your emotional frequency. You lived past lives with higher dimension beings like yourself – empathic, kind, and led by the strong frequency of their heart. Earth is unsettling for you because many here operate on a lower vibration than you. They can be brutal, callous, and cruel. This hurts your soul, Cancer, and reminds you of a world where you used to belong – a peaceful planet far, far away across time and space. In times of distress, connect to your heart chakra, Cancer. Remember those who love you and share love with the kind souls of the planet who are often neglected or abandoned. There you will find all the power you need to raise the vibration of this planet.


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Life on earth feels like a black hole at times, Pisces, and that’s because who you authentically are at the core of your soul feels swallowed whole by the emotional vampires around you. Yet there’s a way to reconnect with your inner power. You gain your psychic wisdom from your past lives and the ones lived on other planets have given you access to esoteric wisdom and a channel to higher realms. Remember to breathe and meditate as much as you can so you can communicate with your highest self. Your time here on earth is best spent leading and guiding the lost people who feel abandoned on their spiritual path. Be their leader, Pisces. A greater purpose awaits you in this universe. And who knows? Maybe in the next life you will reunite with the higher beings who you truly connect with.

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