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4 Zodiacs Who Are Praying For A Change In Their Lives

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Aries is getting tired of carrying their banner and longing for someone else to take the lead for a change. They are praying for someone in their lives to be the brave one, the strong one, the one who takes the initiative so Aries doesn’t have to for once in their lives. There are so many people in so many areas of their lives who are counting on them to get things done and it is endlessly exhausting. Aries deserve to be babied and coddled and taught and guided every once in a while. They deserve to be shown they’re worth the effort. They deserve to have a protector instead of always having to be their own and everyone else’s. Finding the courage to ask is the first step toward receiving.

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Gemini is praying for peace of mind and a little more zen in their lives. Everything has been so frantic for so long, it’s like they can’t imagine life being any other way, but deep down that’s exactly what they are longing for. Gemini want for once in their life to wake up without being completely overwhelmed by a massive to-do list that only gets longer as the day progresses. They want to approach their life and their tasks with confidence and calmness, to not be utterly conquered by their anxiety. To some degree, Gemini thinks they have to become a hermit or a farmer or fall off the face of the earth to achieve that level of centeredness, but the potential to change lives within them, not externally.

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Leo just wants to be left alone. After all of the social climbing, they’re finding life at the top much more demanding than they ever imagined. Everyone wants to make plans, everyone wants to bring them their drama, everyone wants something from them constantly, and Leo just needs a second to themselves. They cannot mother an entire social circle and take care of themselves at the same time. It’s just too much, too often, too soon, and they can’t keep up. They need a spa weekend combined with a silent retreat, where no one can message them in any way on any app. Relief, even temporary, is still the answer to their prayers.

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Capricorn is looking for love. They’re finding the ‘life’ portion of their work-life balance to be incomplete, and need that partner to add meaning to the act of waking up every day and making their way through the same set of tasks. They’re tired of taking walks and making meals, doing laundry, and brushing their teeth alone. They’re praying for someone to take vacations and redecorate their bedroom with. Someone who knows how they take their coffee and what their biggest regret is. Capricorn’s industrious nature wants someone to spoil, someone to add purpose to all of their work. Someone with whom they can share a common goal. Someone to cheer them on, and for whom in turn they can be a cheerleader,

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