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4 Zodiacs Who Are Never Lazy In Love

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Gemini will proofread every text at least ten times before sending it to you. They’ll try on every piece of clothing in their closet before meeting you on a date, and spend weeks researching restaurants movies, and activities you might like before casually proposing to make plans. An immense amount of effort and crippling anxiety goes into everything they do, say, or think about when it comes to you. When they are interested in someone, they are so self-consumed with the prospect of getting it right on the first time, that they go above and beyond on everything, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you. Eventually, you’ll want to reassure them enough to grant them some level of comfort, but just know that that level of commitment and dedication isn’t going anywhere.

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People think Pisces is too distracted to try, but typically they are distracted by their trying. If you catch them zoning out in the middle of a conversation, they’re probably planning a surprise birthday party, so don’t get too upset with them. They are the type of person who exerts much more mental than physical effort. Everything they do for you is going to be extremely thought-through and pressure-tested. They’re not going to take chances on things like the weather, and they’ll never try to show up to dinner without reservations. Every part of your interaction will have been rehearsed in their head before the actual event arrives. It’s just the way they prepare themselves, and a Pisces will never just try to wing it with you.

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Leo will have their whole posse working on your relationship. Just because they know how to delegate doesn’t mean they’re not working hard. Their best friend is going to casually find out where your favorite restaurant is, and their co-worker is supposed to distract you while Leo is looking through your phone at your calendar so they can surprise you on a night you’re free. Everything is orchestrated as seamlessly as a Hollywood heist film, and you’ll never be the wiser until the date and time for the occasion arrives. They want to show you that you are worth the effort and the interest. Life is most fun when you plan for it to be. Even in their endlessly busy schedule, they will always be working in time to make you feel seen and cherished.

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Scorpio prides themselves too much on their romantic abilities to half-ass it in any way. They attack the connection from all angles, treating you like royalty, like the next hottest celebrity, like you are a national treasure. They’ll have your pet’s birthday, your best friend from grade school’s favorite song, and your parent’s bowling league schedule memorized before the third date. Everything they do, and the way they do it are purposefully intended to make you feel like you matter, to show you that you do. The truth is Scorpio would never bother with someone they didn’t genuinely care about or take an interest in. If you’re lucky enough to fall within their bullseye, watch out, because they never miss their target

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