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4 Zodiacs Who Are Most Underappreciated


Leo is under appreciated for their personality and their capacity to feel, because everyone is so busy focusing on their looks. Leo is often commoditized and sexualized, desired not for who they are, but the fantasies they inspire. People want to know what it would be like to date Leo or be their best friend, but once they get the chance they’re so caught up with the appearance of being with Leo, they fail to properly recognize and appreciate them for who they are, and not just the ‘status’ that they inherit by proximity. Leo is a loyal, faithful, and dedicated friend and partner who is always looking to be accepted and appreciated in a ride or die kind of way when the crowds leave for the night.


Everyone just assumes Gemini will take care of it. The late night work, the grocery shopping, organizing the calendar, planning the family vacation, hosting the holidays. They are a one stop shop for the tasks everyone wants to put off or avoid altogether. Because they do everything so flawlessly, no one considers how inconvenient being left with the bulk of the work really is for Gemini, how stressful, how worrisome. They don’t get enough credit for their late nights, their chaotic mornings, their jam-packed afternoons. They have a ‘never quit’ attitude that gets them through the worst of it, and their ability to thrive in the crunch of the finish line has yet to be fully appreciated.


Taurus is more than their possessions. People are constantly failing to see that behind the beautiful home decor and luxury linens, Taurus is the most amazing host/hostess. Their guest bedroom becomes a bed and breakfast for any friend after a long night out, and their hospitality doesn’t end there. They will loan you their favorite sweatshirt, let you eat their leftovers, and toss you the keys to their ride without blinking. Half of the enjoyment of owning anything is being able to lend or provide things to the people they love in life. They don’t have a greedy bone in their body. Unfortunately, people are too quick to take advantage, without appreciating Taurus for their giant and generous hearts.


Capricorn is a professional holder-down of forts. Whenever chaos occurs in any arena of their lives, everyone looks to them to act quickly and efficiently. They put out fires at work, mediate conflicts with friends, and come up with a back up meal plan whenever someone burns the Thanksgiving turkey. As grateful as they are for the inconvenience to be remedied, no one truly appreciates Capricorn’s ability to remain positive in the face of a disaster. No one asks if Capricorn is okay after dealing with everyone else’s stress and the pressure to save the day. They are the masked crusader everyone calls on in distress and no one takes the time to thank once the threat is disarmed.

4 Zodiacs Who Are Most Underappreciated
4 Zodiacs Who Are Most Underappreciated

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