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4 Zodiacs Who Are Impressed By The Bare Minimum (But Deserve More)

If you’ve been on the dating scene for a while and haven’t found your person, it’s natural to start slowly lowering your expectations. No one can blame you for accepting the bare minimum since it beats some of the horrible, toxic partners you’ve had in the past. But just because someone is decent doesn’t mean they’re doing enough. Here are some zodiacs who are impressed by the bare minimum (but deserve more):


Cancer, you’re such a giver that you never even think to ask anyone to repay the favors you give them on the daily. When someone does the bare minimum in order to impress you, it makes you feel special because you’re used to caring more and putting in more effort than your partner. But this needs to change. You should hold out for a relationship where your partner gets as much enjoyment out of spoiling you as you get from spoiling them. Love should be a two-way street. You shouldn’t be the only one doing the hard work.


Since you’re naturally pretty pessimistic, your expectations are on the ground. If someone actually texts back within a reasonable amount of time and follows through on the promises they make, you’re going to be over the moon. But those things should be expected. You shouldn’t be expecting partners to lie and cheat and treat you like trash. You shouldn’t be expecting to have your heart stomped on. Even though you can’t magically change the fact that you’re a pessimist, you can hope for more. Good people really are out there, whether you believe it or not. And you deserve one of them. You deserve to have your expectations blown away, not barely met.


You enjoy every crumb of affection you’re given — but crumbs aren’t nearly enough to satisfy you. Especially since you put one thousand percent of your effort into every relationship you enter. You are willing to go to the ends of the earth for the people you love, so the least they can do is answer your texts and stay loyal. Your expectations for yourself are way higher than your expectations for your partners, and that needs to change. You need to hold out for someone who goes the extra mile, just like you always do. Remember, you don’t need a relationship to feel fulfilled, so you’ll be perfectly fine on your own until you find someone who’s actually worth the effort you put in every single day.


You’re a logical sign, so as long as someone isn’t doing anything wrong on paper, you’re pretty impressed. Especially after the relationships you’ve been in in the past. But love isn’t about crossing items off a checklist — and even if it was, your checklist is pretty basic. You want someone who respects you and stays loyal to you and enjoys hanging out with you, which are definitely necessities, but you should be striving for even more than that. You should be looking for someone who supports your dreams and showers you in compliments and performs romantic gestures out of the blue. Someone who exceeds your expectations. After all, you’re worth it.

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