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4 Zodiacs Who Are Ideal, Lifelong Best Friends

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It doesn’t get said often enough, but who we choose to share our lives with matters more than anyone can say. While there’s no denying the importance of a supportive family or a well-meaning romantic partner, it’s also worth remembering the pivotal roles our best friends play in our personal lives. Picking us up when we’re at our lowest and faithfully cheering for us when we’re at our highest, a person’s best friend has the potential to change their entire life for the better, giving us the necessary courage to face all of life’s problems, no matter how difficult they might appear at first glance.

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You might come across as having a fairly rough exterior initially, but like the crab that so eloquently symbolizes your zodiac’s sign, you house an extraordinarily soft-centered interior beneath the surface. As someone who knows what it’s like to seek comfort and support from others, you’ve made a habit of being there for other people when they need it most. If your friends are suffering through a problem, you won’t rest until you help them find a solution, approaching each of your loved ones’ issues as though they were your own.

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Virgos demand the best because they expect the best, never settling for anything less. When it comes to your friendships, you believe others should put in the same amount of effort that you put into the relationship (which is to say a lot). While many of your comments might come across as a bit callous, you’re never one to spare your friends’ feelings, telling the hard truths that others might be too afraid to share with them. Yes, your friends might be upset or grievously hurt to hear these remarks first–but to you, being someone’s best friend is all about telling them what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.

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In a sense, Libra, you’re almost more of a parent to your friends than you are an actual acquaintance. As someone afraid of conflict or disruptions in your personal life, you hate whenever you see your friends in pain, quickly offering them a shoulder to cry on as you help brainstorm potential solutions to their problem. A kind soul in more ways than one, you’re the kind of person to help a lost child find their parent in the grocery store or aid an elderly person crossing a busy intersection. Why? Because helping others in need is simply the right thing to do–a selfless approach you take when dealing with friends, family, or anyone else fortunate enough to be close to you.

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Like your fellow Earth signs in Virgo, you’re known for your fierce loyalty and unrelenting work ethic (something that allows you to succeed in most ventures you make in life). You might have trouble expressing your feelings when it comes to effective forms of communication, but what you’re unable to put into words, you more than make up for in terms of action. Putting your hard-working nature to good use, you’re never afraid to roll up your sleeves when your friend calls with a problem. From hiking out to fix your friend’s flat tire in the middle of the night to helping them mend a broken kitchen cabinet, you’ll always show up with a smile on your face, showing your friends how much you care without ever having to utter a word

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