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4 Zodiacs Who Are Hard To Please In Relationships

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Some zodiacs are going to be thankful for every ounce of attention they’re given. They’ll appreciate their partner, even when they are only receiving a little bit of attention. But other signs expect a bit more in romantic relationships. They aren’t going to be happy unless their standards are being met. Here are some zodiacs who are hard to please in relationships:

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Virgos are hard to please because they like things to be done in a super specific way. They assume they know best, so they would rather have their partner follow their direction than make their own rules. Virgos are perfectionists, so they might even redo something their partner has done if they feel like it isn’t meeting their standards. They aren’t trying to be rude. They simply cannot rest unless everything is in perfect order. Virgos also have incredibly high standards for themselves and for everyone surrounding them. They aren’t going to settle for less than they deserve because they know their worth.

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Leos want to be spoiled rotten by their partners. They aren’t going to remain in a relationship where they feel like they are low on the person’s list of priorities. Leos need to get enough attention and validation from their partner – or they will leave without a glance back. After all, Leos know their worth. They are one of the most confident zodiac signs, so they aren’t going to settle for a relationship where they feel neglected or disrespected. They would rather be single again than stay in a relationship that isn’t making them happy, which means they won’t hesitate to walk away if they aren’t being given the things they feel they deserve.

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Aries are always itching for a new adventure, which is why they feel so restless. Even if you give them everything they want, they might come up with a new set of goals the next day. This sign has a hard time sitting still. They have a hard time enjoying what is right in front of them because they are always searching for more. They are never satisfied with their current life because they strive for bigger and better things. Even though Aries might be perfectly happy in their relationship, this never-enough attitude can make their partners feel like they are unable to do anything right. Like they are never going to be enough to make them happy.

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Geminis have trouble paying attention to one thing (or person) for a long period of time. They get bored easily and need to find another way to entertain themselves. This can make their partner feel like it’s impossible to please them. After all, no matter how much their partner does for them, a Gemini will always get bored from time to time. But this is simply because they need more than a relationship to feel fulfilled. Other things matter to them in life as much as love. In a way, they are impossible to please because one person cannot make them happy. They need to work toward making themselves happy.

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