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4 Zodiacs Who Are Getting A Fresh Start This Week

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You got off on the wrong foot with someone recently, Libra, but thankfully, you’re getting the chance to start over this week. Clean slate with a second chance at first impressions. There’s no underlying blame here, just a series of circumstances and consequences that led to friction where there should have been concordance. People have bad days, bad moods, and bad timing. Don’t let what’s happened ruin this chance to course correct. Approach it truly as a do-over, and put your best foot forward. You’ll be surprised at the positivity that meets you halfway as a result. Remember this the next time someone rubs you the wrong way right off the bat, and remember that these initial encounters don’t necessarily have to set the tone for every interaction to come.

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Your finances will be swept clean this week, Leo. Kiss your debt goodbye, whether it’s a car payment, student loan, or credit card balance. Your load is that much lighter, and now you have the chance to plan your financial future from a proactive stance instead of responding to a situation out of necessity. You determine what your hard-earned dollars are worth to you, not anyone else. You have the means to plan that vacation, go back to school, treat yourself to the belonging you’ve been dreaming of for years. You’re learning the subjectivity of monetary value in this chapter of your life. It’s time to clearly define what it is that will bring you happiness.

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You have a core group of friends and strong familial ties, Sagittarius, but this week you have the opportunity to start from scratch by forming a new bond. You’ve closed yourself off lately to the idea of making new friends. You have too much on your plate, you value quality over quantity, and you have been nesting within that newfound comfort zone of yours. These are all natural behaviors, but the adventurer in you needs to leave the door open to possibility. That potential shouldn’t be wasted. You have to give yourself to others in order to receive the relationships that are meant for you. It is never too late, and you are never too old to welcome new friends into your life. Remember this.

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You get to try something again that you recently bombed, Scorpio. It could be a test, a job interview, a proposal, a stand-up set, something that you feel your life was hinging on, an opportunity you ruined for yourself. That voice in your head is the internalized perfectionist speaking. Anything that important to you is worth trying again—a second, third, or fourth time. However many times necessary until you reach your goal. It’s time for you to remember the value of perseverance. It’s just as important as getting the job done. You deserve the chance to grow, to learn, to adapt and be able to enjoy the process. Getting yourself down over every rookie mistake is not the point of life. You’ve been too focused on the destination and ignoring the purpose of the journey.

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