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4 Zodiacs Who Are Destined To Find Happiness in 2024

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Aries are not so much destined to find happiness as they are to realize that happiness has found them. After toiling away towards their goals for so long, they haven’t stopped to recognize that they just keep raising the bar even higher. In their pursuit of success and perfection, they haven’t given themselves time or permission to enjoy the milestones, but all that changes before the end of this year. There will be a moment, that at first seems small and insignificant, but completely shifts their mindset. Maybe it will be the first sunrise in a new town, the first e-mail sent from a new job, buttoning a pair of jeans that fit perfectly, squeezing a partner’s hand in a moment of gratitude. The realization that they are already living the life they’ve wanted for so long.

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It’s no surprise to anyone that happiness to a Libra means balance. It means having enough time to nurture relationships with friends, family, and a significant other. It means having something to wake up and work towards each day, a challenge that pushes them but feels achievable. It means getting enough sleep and having the time and energy to look forward to meals. It means saving money to plan a vacation to look forward to. All of the little things that we fit into a life or a to-do list, and the pleasure that comes from checking them off one at a time. It means a love that is passionate but childlike. That can foster conversation or thrive in simple silence. It means looking in the mirror and liking what you see, while also visualizing the potential for what you can become.

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Happiness for a Virgo involves cathartic release. They are fighters, they are the strong silent type. Well, not so silent because they will always speak up for themselves or others, and they are never without an opinion. But they’ve had to work so hard for everything they have, had to overcome pain and disappointment and discouragement. Happiness for a Virgo is the security that comes when they let go of some of that hurt. When they acknowledge their past, the journey that brought them to where they are today, but realize that it is no longer a threat, no longer able to harm them. When they look around at everything they have and realize it is theirs, it’s not going anywhere, they have earned it, and deserve to be happy. They can leave the days of survival mode behind them.


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Happiness for an Aquarius is figuring out their next step for 2024. They are high-achievers who are always completing the projects they create for themselves, so the most difficult part of finding happiness for themselves is continuing to find ways to be productive. They need work to feel satisfied with life. They need to struggle, they need a challenge. They prefer a long slog to a quick win, any day. They know how to value and savor the journey of growth itself rather than the high of the finish line. This year they will set their eyes on a prize much more challenging than ever before. Something that will test their limits and allow them the opportunity to prove to themselves exactly what they’re made of. Their truest most sincere happiness begins once they take that first step towards finding that answer.

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