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4 Zodiacs Who Are Constantly Undervalued In Their Relationships

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There are zodiac signs who are constantly fawned over in their relationships–especially Aries, Leo, and Pisces. They regularly experience appreciation from the people they’re dating. But not every sign gets the recognition they deserve. Are you one of the four zodiac signs who are undervalued in their relationships?

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You often take the motherly role when it comes to your relationships, both in love and in platonic friendships. And just like a lot of real-life mothers, your nurturing often goes unnoticed and underappreciated. You find yourself dating people who don’t give the same kind of effort you do. At first, you chalk it up to a difference in love languages, but after a while it can feel like you’re doing way more of the loving than they are. If you start using healthy boundaries, you’ll end up weeding out potential partners who like to take advantage of the people they’re with. When it comes down to it, the more you value yourself, the more others will value you, too.

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You like to be everything to everyone. You tend to overextend yourself when it comes to your social circle and take the “as long as everyone is happy” approach. The problem with this mindset is that everyone ends up getting so used to you helping them that they stop saying “thank you” and just expect it. This applies to romantic relationships, too. You do little favors and eventually stop getting thanks in return. Honestly, you’re perfect as-is. Rather than stopping doing things for people, make sure you find someone who appreciates all you do, and continues to show you appreciation well into your relationship.

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Your “strong silent type” vibes sometimes mean that your hard work and dedication goes unnoticed. You do something nice for your partner and wait to watch if they say anything. Here’s the thing, Scorpio: There’s nothing wrong with drawing attention to all the good things you do. Rather than waiting to see if your partner notices a bouquet of flowers, say, “Hey, look what I got!” You need to be in your own corner if you want other people to be there as well. It’s not boastful. Toot your own horn, be vocal about the good you do. That way, no one can ignore it.

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You set impossibly high standards for yourself, which can mean that even when you do something amazing, you never feel like it’s good enough. Can you blame other people for agreeing? If you don’t want to be undervalued, that has to start with you. Value your own work highly. Appreciate the little–and big–things you do for everyone, as well as yourself. Once you show appreciation for yourself, you’ll start to realize that everyone around you values you higher as well. Lead by example, Capricorn.

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