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4 Zodiacs Who Are Close To Finding Love (They Just Don’t Know It Yet)

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You shouldn’t assume that you’re going to be alone forever. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve gone through a long spell of singleness, or whether you recently got out of a bad relationship. Either way, there’s a chance that your soulmate could be right around the corner, so don’t give up on the idea of your happily ever after. Here are the zodiacs who are close to falling in love, and just don’t know it yet:

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You might feel like love is far out of your reach because you have been through so much heartbreak in the past – but you need to remember that your past doesn’t determine your future. You aren’t destined to end up alone, just because your exes weren’t willing or able to treat you right. You only need one relationship to work out in the end, so it doesn’t matter how many others have crashed and burned. You are lovable, despite what your doubts have been warning you. And you are so much closer to finding your true love story than you think, so please don’t give up on yourself. Don’t doubt your worth. You are a catch, and the right person is going to see that clearly.

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You are closer to finding love than you think, so don’t be so hard on yourself. Don’t assume that there’s something wrong with you, that you are incapable of being loved, because that is far from the truth. Just because you haven’t found your person yet doesn’t mean they aren’t out there. Some happily ever afters take longer than others. You aren’t any less special than your friends who have found love at a young age. Everyone’s timeline looks different, and in the end, it doesn’t matter how long it took you to find your person. All that will matter is that you found your way together eventually. And that might happen sooner than you expect.

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You are closer to finding love than you think, so don’t let your cynical side win out. Don’t believe the lies about how everyone in the dating world is the same and no one cares about anyone other than themselves because this simply isn’t true. There are good people out there, and you are going to find each other eventually. You just have to remain patient and keep your heart open to love. Don’t isolate yourself. Don’t swear off of relationships completely. It’s perfectly fine to be cautious about who you let enter your social circle, but don’t fool yourself into believing that no one deserves access to you. Someone worth the trouble will come along soon, and when they do, you need to give them a chance.

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You are closer to finding love than you think, but your self-consciousness might make that hard to believe. Lately, you have been feeling extra down about yourself. Maybe it’s because of a past heartbreak or a failure, or maybe the mood has hit you out of nowhere. Either way, remember that this hopelessness isn’t going to last forever. You are going to break out of this mindset eventually, and when that happens, you are going to experience happiness again. Soon, it might even be with a partner. After all, you bring so much to the table. Anyone would be lucky to have you. Even though you might not believe that’s the truth yet, other people will sense it – and one day, you will see it too.

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