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4 Zodiacs Who Are Being Their Own Roadblock This Week

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Aquarius, you are your own roadblock when you spend your time helping others in the moment you need help the most. Your generosity of spirit is admirable, but what you see as selflessness is also a coping mechanism, a way of ignoring your own problems, of kicking them down the road. You convince yourself that you’re doing good in the world, but you’re simultaneously making your own situation worse. Treating others the way you want to be treated doesn’t work when your self neglect is on full display. You have an obligation to yourself. You are responsible for your own well being. When you make the decision to let things spiral, it’s just as bad as littering, not returning a wallet you found on the street, or letting an elderly person stand on the bus while you sit. You focus on the debt you owe to society while failing to realize you yourself are an integral part of that societal fabric.

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You’re the idea person, Pisces. You’re always thinking, always analyzing, always cataloging, but you become your own roadblock when you fail to act on these ideas. You’re struck with inspiration so often, each idea leads to another idea, which leads to another idea that never comes to fruition in any concrete form. Like the idea for a song that becomes a book that becomes a streaming series that becomes a board game that is really an idea for a song, etc. etc. etc. You need to learn how to press pause in that initial moment and zero in on the first thing that comes to mind. Pick up the pen, the instrument, the camera, the brush, and just do. Express, convey, create, workshop, tinker, make. And keep doing that until the idea has become something concrete. A draft, a sketch, a melody, a business plan, a blueprint, a prototype. You just need something in front of you before you allow yourself to go back to the drawing board. Revision is allowed, but inaction is not.

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You’re too obedient, Capricorn. You keep your head down, you stay out of trouble, you never rock the boat. You follow orders without asking questions. You achieve whatever goals are put in front of you. You mold yourself to become the puzzle piece that fits perfectly into someone else’s plan. But you become your own roadblock when you fail to examine how that plan fits into your own hopes and aspirations. When you fail to realize there’s a lack of mutual benefit at play. Maybe you are so good at your job, the prospect of your promotion is overshadowed by the challenge of backfilling your current role. Maybe the authorities around you, at any level, are profiting off of your complaisance. Maybe shoddy plans are failing because you were too afraid to poke holes in them. You cannot go through life completely avoiding conflict, never presenting an opposition to anything. Even trying to is a conflict in and of itself. So choose the things that actually matter and impact your life and the lives of those around you.

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You’re your own roadblock when you try to be everybody’s friend, Leo. It’s just not humanly possible. You can’t be everyone’s cup of tea, just as everyone you meet isn’t always a match for you either. The more you try to pretend that they are, the more disingenuous you come off, and the people closest to you start questioning your intentions. If you treat everyone the same, they will wonder if their friendship with you is really that special or if you’re just faking it with them, too. They may start to feel neglected if you are splitting your time evenly across a wide array of shallow relationships instead of fostering the deepest connections. We only have a limited time with the people we love. At some point, prioritization becomes a necessity.

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