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4 Zodiacs Who Are Always Daydreaming About Their Person

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Some zodiacs are experts at separating their love lives from the rest of their lives. They can go on a romantic date, then stay completely focused at work the next morning. But other signs have more trouble keeping focused, especially when the relationship is just beginning and everything feels exciting and new. Here are some zodiacs who are always daydreaming about their person:

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Taurus, you might not come across as a romantic when you’re single, because you aren’t loud about looking for love. But once you find a person who fits you perfectly, you won’t be able to shut up about them. You’ll be gushing about them to your friends nonstop. You’ll be texting them whenever you have a spare second to check your phone. And you’ll be daydreaming about them when you’re supposed to be focused on work or even your friends. Your excitement over finding this person will make it hard for you to think about anything else. For a while, the only thing you’ll care about is your relationship. Nothing else will matter because you want to hold onto this happiness.

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Libra, you don’t take relationships lightly. Once you fall for someone, you fall hard. You want to spend as much time together as possible — and when you’re apart, you’re still going to be thinking of them. You’re going to be daydreaming about the last time you saw each other and imagining what you’ll do when you see each other again. It’s hard for you to concentrate, especially when the relationship is fresh and new, because your feelings are too big to ignore. It’s hard to get anything done because you don’t really want to be anywhere except by your person’s side. They’re all that’s on your mind.

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Gemini, you’re a daydreamer. Your mind will wander throughout the day — mostly toward the love of your life. You will find it hard to focus on one thing for an extended amount of time because you don’t want to go too many hours without hearing from your person. Even when texting or seeing each other isn’t an option, you will be daydreaming about your partner. You will be planning out dates in your head and reliving the last time that you kissed. You will always be picturing your person in your head, no matter how much distance physically separates you because you are emotionally close at all times.

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Pisces, once you get attached to someone, they are going to occupy your every waking thought. You are going to start daydreaming about them from the moment you get up in the morning until your head hits the pillow at night. Whoever is lucky enough to end up with you will always feel loved because you aren’t shy about expressing your feelings. You are going to send them texts throughout the day reminding them how much you care about them and how much you miss them. And you will tell anyone who will listen about them too. You will take any opportunity you can to talk about them because they are always on your mind. You couldn’t stop thinking about them if you tried — and you have tried.

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