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4 Zodiacs Who Are A Hot Mess (And Own It Proudly)

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No one is perfect. While some signs struggle to accept this, other signs embrace it. They aren’t afraid to admit to their flaws, to talk about the moments when they messed up, to let the world know that they are still growing and learning. Here are the zodiacs who are hot messes (and proud of it):

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You aren’t afraid of failure because you would rather try and see what happens than spend your whole life wondering what your life would have looked like if you were a little bit braver. You aren’t afraid of making mistakes, of saying the wrong thing in the wrong moment, of making decisions that you are going to regret in the morning because it’s impossible to make it through this world without making mistakes here and there. You would rather live your life than tiptoe through it. You would rather mess up and learn from the experience than sit in the corner, doing nothing while the world passes you by. You are a hot mess – and you are proud of it because it means that you are putting yourself out there. You are brave enough to take a chance on opportunities that might not work out. But you’re giving it your all every time.

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You feel sorry for the signs who try hard to look like they have their shit figured out because they are as lost as anybody else. They just don’t want to show their true colors while you are open about your strengths and weaknesses. You understand that you’re a work in progress, so you aren’t going to be too hard on yourself. You aren’t going to beat yourself up over the tiny mistakes that you’ve made because you are trying your best. Other people might fail to see that, but you see it yourself. You know that you’re putting one hundred percent of your effort into everything that you do. Do you always get it right? No, and you aren’t going to feel embarrassed about that because everyone else is in the same boat. Everyone else makes as many mistakes as you do. They’re just better at hiding it. But you don’t see the point in hiding. You’ll freely admit when you screw up. You are a hot mess – and you are proud of it.

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You aren’t afraid to admit when you’ve made a mistake because you are honest about yourself and your journey. You aren’t going to pretend you’re perfect because perfection is a myth. It doesn’t exist. You aren’t going to make excuses for what went wrong when the truth is, you simply made a mistake. You would rather own up to your actions so you can learn from them. You are a hot mess – and you wouldn’t have it any other way – because you are brave enough to be your real self. You have nothing to hide. Your strengths and your weaknesses are what make you you, so you aren’t going to feel embarrassed by them. You embrace your most authentic self, which is something most people aren’t brave enough to do.

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