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4 Zodiacs Who Always Make The First Move

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You’re out on the town and you’re looking for love—which zodiac sign is most likely to approach you first?


When a Leo enters any given space, you will hear that lion’s roar from across the room. Not only are they looking good AF, they’re feeling it and they want everyone to know. Just by the way they carry themselves, a Leo is that bitch. And just like a lion would tackle its prey, a Leo is going to make a bold introduction. They’re the type to buy you a shot without asking and they will know whether they love you or hate you within five minutes of talking to you.

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Arguably the flirtiest of the zodiac, Libra’s make it their job to shower strangers with compliments and live for them in return. They’re confident in their fashion sense and drawn to other people who look different and unique. A Libra’s charm is their secret power, and before you know it, they will have you under their spell dreaming up a life with them within the first night of meeting.

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The strong, silent type. A Scorpio will knock you on your feet with just one look. They don’t have to say much to get you to fall under their spell, but when they do talk to you, it’s like poetry that cuts through your core. They’re the kind you’ll find having a drink alone at the bar intensely staring at you if they’re interested, and while it’s technically supposed to be them making the first move, they already did that with their Scorpio sorcery mind tricks, and before you know it you’re floating over to them.

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Punch drunk love. A Sagittarius is going to be the literal bow and arrow straight into your heart. They’re the life of the party, the one you first notice at any party. Everyone wants to be around their magnetic, impulsive energy, but they are only interested in those who can keep up with their antics, as well as someone who adds fire to their already bursting flames. They are the type to end up making out with you like nobody is watching, but good luck getting a text back the next day from this adventurous sign.

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