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4 Zodiacs Who Always Know When Something Is Wrong With Their Partner

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Some zodiacs aren’t going to realize anything is wrong with their partner unless the truth is spelled out for them. But other signs are going to pick up on the problem immediately. They’re going to sense that something is wrong from a mile away. Here are the zodiacs who will know something is wrong with their partner right away:

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Virgos are detail oriented. They will pick up on the tiniest things, so there’s no way you’re going to get a secret past them. If you’re annoyed with them or are having doubts about the relationship, they are going to feel the tension. And they are going to want to have a conversation about it. Virgos are excellent communicators, and they know that most problems can be solved with transparency and maturity. So they will want to hear everything you have to say on the subject. They won’t want you to hold anything back — and if you do, they’ll be able to tell.

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Cancers are a sensitive sign, so they’re going to take every little thing you do to heart. If you don’t make time to hang out with them for weeks on end or ignore their messages out of nowhere, they are going to assume that you want nothing to do with them. They will jump to the same conclusion, even if little things between you change, like the amount of I love yous. You need to give this sign constant reassurance that you’re happy in the relationship. If you seem even the tiniest bit uncomfortable, then they’re going to panic. They’re going to worry that the relationship is over the second you change your behavior.

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Capricorns think with their heads, so their hearts won’t get in the way. Their feelings for you won’t distract them from examining the scene in front of them clearly. If you start acting weird, it doesn’t matter how much they love and trust you. They are going to have questions. They are going to start putting pieces together to figure out what is going on, whether you want to tell them or not. If you keep them in the dark, you’re only going to ruin the relationship because they’re going to discover the truth on their own. You can’t get much past this sign. They’re too intelligent.

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Scorpios are hypersensitive because they’re scared of getting their hearts broken. They’re always on the lookout for red flags, so if you suddenly can’t make time to hang out with them or start giving them one-word answers, they’re going to pick up on it right away. They’re going to sense that there’s something that you’ve been hiding or that you’re preparing to leave them soon. It’s much better to be honest with this sign from the start because if they piece together problems on their own, they are going to jump to the worst-case scenario and worry that the relationship is doomed–but they will hopefully talk to you about what they’ve noticed instead of retreating and hurting you before you can hurt them.

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