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4 Zodiacs Who Always Get Back Up When They’re Knocked Down

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In the physical and metaphoric sense, you are the equivalent of an early 2000s skateboarding movie. You sign up for things knowing you will bite them, repetitively, before you achieve your end goal. You’re not a case of some platitude like “life can take us by surprise and knock us on our ass from time to time, but you still know how to keep going and persevere”. Bombing is part of your daily existence, and you simply know no other way of being. You’re the personality who can cut it as an athlete or an actor, a politician, or an entrepreneur. Whatever it is you put your mind to, the stakes are high, competition is fierce, and success is only achieved when you have a trail of failures in your wake, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Virgo, you’re the problematic female protagonist from a period piece. The Scarlett O’Hara, the Becky Sharp, the Anna Karenina. You always remember who and what knocked you down, while the details of your involvement or retaliation in the whole affair remain fuzzy at best. You see your misfortunes and emotional well-being as terribly important, while also not relying on anyone but you to get you out of the bind. You can be cold and calculating, witty and charming, manipulative and strategic, all as the situation calls for. You may hold a grudge, or feel a little jaded, that “I’ll never go hungry again” mentality that sticks around once you’re back up on your feet, but you prove to yourself time and time again that you will be all right because you take care of you.

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You know how to deal with negative emotions, Scorpio. Heartbreak isn’t the end of the world to you, it’s the beginning of a poem. You’ve read enough and lived enough to know that disappointments and setbacks are what build character. You always get back up after being knocked down because of how you perceive yourself in the aftermath. You don’t see failure as something reductive, it doesn’t leave a negative mark on you or make you less than you were before. You see it as something you gain from, be it knowledge, experience, insight, perspective, or all of the above. Being someone who has loved and lost is far better than never having loved at all in your book. Exposing yourself to all of life’s emotions for a fuller, richer, more human experience has always been your goal.

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You’re just a hopeless dreamer, Sagittarius. No matter how bleak the outlook is, you will still hold onto that last sliver of a chance for as long as humanly possible. You’ve seen things come to fruition with your own eyes, things that were a culmination of hard work, happenstance, and a little bit of luck that changed your life for the better, and these experiences taught you to hold on for better days to come when times are tough. You’ll never settle, personally or professionally, because you know the things you want are out there. You’ve gotten your fair share of them, and it’s enough to make you hold out for the rest. So when you get knocked down, you never stay put. You know this isn’t it. You know what it feels like. Your worst day is just one day.

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