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4 Zodiacs Who Always Attract The Wrong People

You’re just trying to find somebody to love, but every person who falls for you seems to be a bad pick. Your personalities clash or they treat you like crap. Some people attract the wrong people more than others. If you’re one of these four zodiac signs, you’re used to attracting the total duds.


You’re a strong, confident person who makes decisions quickly and easily and is known for getting things done. You give off these vibes as soon as someone meets you, which is why you always seem to attract passive people. Sometimes the saying “opposites attract” is a negative and not a positive, and that’s the case for you, Aries. You end up with people who require you to make all the moves, do all the work, make all the decisions. It can be tiring always being the one carrying the relationship. Now that you know this about yourself–that you attract passive people who make you do all the work–you can more easily weed them out when you’re looking for a fellow leader with just as strong of a personality as yours.


You’re sweet, you’re emotional, and you’re sensitive. You always give people second chances because you know that everyone makes mistakes. None of this is a bad thing, and it can be a boon for people who will appropriately appreciate you for it. Unfortunately, these traits also attract people who want to take advantage of you. Some see you as a target, which means you end up in relationships with bad people who treat you terribly because they know you’ll keep putting up with it. It’s a shame that your sweet heart leads others to target you. Rather than changing all of these things about you, just be more aware of the red flags and try to listen the warning signs before you get in too deep.


No one is as organized as you. Your to-do lists and spreadsheets are legendary. As a result, you’ve resigned yourself to the fact that, if you’re in a relationship, you’ll be dating someone who doesn’t have their life as together as you do. The downside to this mindset is that you might let a lot more slide because “no one will be as organized as I am.” That’s how you get into relationships with people who barely do the bare minimum. They expect you to do everything–all the planning, all the cleaning. And if you suggest they do something, they pull out the weaponized incompetence and say “but you’re so much better at it.” You need someone who actually tries, someone who wants to keep up with you because they know you deserve the world. These people exist, and you should accept nothing less.


There are people who go on grand adventures, and those that fantasize about travel but never end up leaving the house. You’re the former, always coming up with fun things to do and making those dreams a quick reality. Unfortunately, you attract people who don’t actually do much to make their fantasies come true. They’re attracted to you because you represent what they wish they were. They want to be the world-traveler in theory. In practice, not so much. And, in the beginning stages of dating, both types of people look so similar. It’s easy for you to accidentally get into a relationship with a home-body who has Pinterest boards full of exotic destinations they’ll never actually visit. As soon as you notice that your date hasn’t actually done much, it’s best to sever ties. You deserve someone who will keep up with you.

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