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4 Zodiacs That Were Most Likely Witches In A Past Life

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There is a long, dark history behind witches. Many of the tales told were based on fear and misogyny towards women. In fact, most witches were simply knowledgeable women that wanted to help their community in alternative ways. These 4 zodiacs carry traits that make them likely to be witches in a past life.

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Scorpios are naturally alluring and mysterious, making them likely to be witches in a past life. They love to come off as allusive, yet they are passionate people that are highly creative and intuitive. Scorpios have this ability to read a room and the energies in it. They can also be moody, so watch out if you get on their bad side. Chances are, Scorpios of the past channeled strange curses on those that caused them harm.

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Cancers are nurturing, emotional, and deeply connected to those they care about. Cancers were likely witches in the past because of their natural ability to tend to those that need help. They were likely the healers, creating potions from herbs to treat the ill. They might have had the ability to sense when something was wrong using their strong intuition. Cancers might also have been midwives, easing mothers into motherhood .

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Pisces can be empathetic and highly in tune with others emotions. They were likely witches because of this ability to notice feelings that others might miss. These zodiacs were probably the ones that people came to for advice or psychic insight into their lives. Pisces might have used their clairvoyant traits to heal the broken and try to provide a more positive future for others.

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Tauruses are connected with the earth. They are one of the more grounded zodiacs, which make them likely to be witches. They are also sensual people and enjoy connection to pleasurable things. Tauruses were likely the ones using plants and herbs to create medicines for people. They may have also been ones to cook and feed others, using their talent for preparing food. They would’ve created teas to heal and nourish their loved ones as well.

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