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4 Zodiacs That Take The Longest To Get Married

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When we talk about relationships, it’s true that each person has their own timelines and preferences. While some may struggle to remain in long-term relationships, others thrive. While some may spend plenty of time dreaming about marriage and a connected future, others may struggle to imagine that life for themselves.

Some may not be opposed to marriage but desire to take their time. Others may be open to getting married but may have other priorities that delay the possibility. In astrology, there are more than a few ways to assess a person’s desire to get married and the obstacles they may face. Some zodiac signs may be strongly associated with marriage and long-term partnerships, and some may find that they won’t marry until later in life.

So which zodiac signs take the longest to get married? Check out the four signs below to find out.

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Capricorn has qualities that may make this observation a mixed bag. Sure, Capricorns are often stereotyped as workaholics that have trouble focusing on other milestones in life. However, they also are known to value tradition and can even be a bit old school about things—it would only make sense that getting married fall on that list. The main factor indicating this concerns Capricorn’s ruling planet, Saturn. Saturn is the planet of responsibilities, boundaries, restrictions, and delays. Saturn is a planet that values hard work and well-earned lessons (especially in the ambitious sign of Capricorn).

Due to Saturn’s nature, Capricorns are sometimes depicted as saddled with burdens and struggles early in life but experiencing an easier path and letting loose once they are older. With this in mind, it isn’t unrealistic that this may cause Capricorn signs to delay getting married until they have gotten the rest of their life together. They may be aware that they can’t give their fullest attention and devotion of that level to a person at the moment and will be more inclined to wait to get married.

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Aquarius signs may not be a surprise here, but they have qualities that make this a toss-up. Aquarius signs are far from traditional—marriage may not be a thing they are interested in at all. However, Aquarius is a fixed sign that thrives in consistency (even if they refuse to admit it to themselves or anyone else). Like Capricorn, Saturn also affects Aquarius because it co-rules the sign (along with Uranus). For Aquarius, Saturn’s influence involves fully understanding a structure or tradition and discarding what isn’t beneficial to society at large. Aqaurians may be more prone to believing that marriage is outdated or not desiring to perform a marriage ceremony only to potentially experience a painful divorce.

As for the other planet influencing the air sign, Uranus is a planet of rebellion, upheaval, and eccentricity—it doesn’t enjoy doing things like everyone else does. This can push Aquarians not to get married as quickly as their peers, or if they do marry, do so in an unorthodox way. However, an Aquarius ultimately won’t make this type of commitment unless they genuinely want it, and that decision can take time.

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For Sagittarius signs, marriage is either a shotgun wedding or something to put off for the foreseeable future. Sagittarius signs are known for their love of exploration and spontaneity—the fire sign can’t be tamed and doesn’t want to be. While they may not be against the idea of marriage as a concept, taking action is a separate thing altogether. Sagittarius signs want to feel they have options, whether that involves people, opportunities, or adventures. Marriage is often considered a time for settling down and setting aside chasing big dreams, which is not enticing for them. If a Sagittarius can find a person on the same page as them, they may opt to marry sooner, but otherwise, they aren’t in a rush.

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Geminis aren’t ones to rush into marriage, especially with all the possibilities that exist in the world. Like Sagittarius, they like the idea of having options on the table, and they won’t be quick to give them up permanently unless they are sure it is the path they want. With Mercury, the planet of communication and memory, ruling over the air sign, they are also far more likely to overthink whether this type of commitment is right for them.

Additionally, Geminis do value consistency, but they also value growth and adaptability. They thrive best in relationships that allow them to change without fear of being restrained. Geminis have no patience for being pushed to conform to something they aren’t into and are more than okay with taking their time before choosing to marry someone if they decide it’s right for them in the first place.

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