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4 Zodiacs That Never Stay With A Cheater

Most zodiacs aren’t interested in dating a cheater. However, some of them are forgiving. They are willing to give someone a chance and see if they’ve changed. Of course, other signs aren’t that optimistic. Here are some signs who will refuse to date a cheater:


Virgos think with their heads instead of their hearts. Even if they desperately want to be with someone, they will listen to their logic over what their heart is begging them to do. That means they aren’t going to get in a relationship with someone who has the potential to break their heart. They will list out pros and cons and convince themselves that it’s better to be safe than sorry. After all, they don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy. They would much rather stay single and focus on other areas of their world than get involved with a cheater.


Cancers are incredibly sensitive. They tend to have trust issues already, so dating a cheater would make it even harder for them to feel comfortable in the relationship. They would never be able to rest knowing there’s a chance their partner is out there, sleeping with someone else. Plus, Cancers are looking for something serious. They want to settle down with someone who will be there for them for the rest of their lives, so they aren’t going to date someone who is still interested playing the field, in dating around, in testing out other options. Cancers are committed. Once they decide to date you, they aren’t going to stray – and they expect you to show them the same amount of loyalty and respect.


A scorpion represents this sign because they will sting you if they feel like you have betrayed them. Scorpios don’t take betrayal lightly. If you hurt them, they are going to want revenge. They aren’t going to risk staying with a cheater because they will never be able to look at this person the same way again. All they’ll be able to think about is how badly they want to even the score, which is incredibly unhealthy in any relationship. Scorpios could never last with a cheater because they demand respect. If they’re not given the same loyalty back, they will be filled with rage. They won’t be able to rest until they feel like this person pays for what they have done.


Even if they have no idea their partner is cheating, they are going to be unsatisfied if they aren’t getting enough attention in the relationship. They want to be the only one their partner is interested in seeing, let alone kissing. Leos have high standards, so they aren’t going to settle for less than they deserve. They know someone else out there will treat them better, so they won’t feel stuck in a toxic relationship. If someone cheats on them, then it’s that person’s loss. Leos are going to leave without second guessing the choice. They’ll know it’s the right move.

4 Zodiacs That Never Stay With A Cheater
4 Zodiacs That Never Stay With A Cheater

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