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4 Zodiacs That Are So Ready For Spooky Season

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Fall is just around the corner, which means Spooky Season is too. Spooky season is all about Halloween parties, haunted hay rides, bonfires, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes. These zodiacs have been waiting all year for this.


You were made for this time of year. You are mysterious, moody, and love a good dreary day. You can’t wait to break out your witchy supplies and get together with a few close friends for a night of eerie fun. You also may be looking forward to busting out the sweatshirts and cozying up indoors with a creepy horror flick.

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This season is the perfect time for you to be a little playful, especially at all those Halloween parties coming up. You love to charm people with your charisma, so getting to dress up and flirt sounds like a great time.

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Leo, you love to dress up and show off your unique style. What better time to do that than spooky season? You can head to parties wearing your best-looking costume. You are probably looking forward to the compliments you’ll get in that costume you’ve been itching to wear.

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Geminis, you’re always down for a good time. Spooky season is full of excuses to get together with friends. You can’t wait to have bonfires where you can share ghost stories. You are also looking forward to dressing up and getting to play a different character.

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