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4 Zodiacs Struggling With A Secret This Month

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Taurus’ secret is that they’ve forgotten exactly what started the grudge they are currently holding. The anger has dissipated, but the stand-off continues because there doesn’t appear to be any easy or dignified way to begin negotiations. They’re the aggrieved party after all, even if they can’t remember why. To extend a white flag first would be to lose face, and that’s something they absolutely can’t and won’t do. They have a reputation to uphold. So they go on in public (and in private) pretending as if the feud continues without change, knowing deep down that it’s all pointless and for show. This isn’t the first bridge burned for Taurus, nor will it be the last, but the secret of their indifference is slowly eating away at them as it becomes harder and harder to keep up the charade.

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Libra’s secret this month is that they’ve gone overboard, literally and figuratively. Whatever bandwagon they’ve been cruising along on has lost its appeal, and instead of waiting for it to arrive at its logical destination, they’ve jumped ship as discreetly as possible so as not to stir the pot. They lost faith in leaders, poked holes in the dogma, and most importantly, stopped enjoying the experience. So whether it was a soccer league or a regular happy hour, Libra’s mission is to find an exit as quickly as possible without the need for direct conflict. Whatever their grievance, it’s not the kind that requires a takedown of the system from within. It’s simply not their vibe anymore, and that’s okay. Something is off with the kool-aid, but it’s not their duty to show anyone the light. Some conclusions just have to be reached on their own, and Libra is the sign that knows how to live and let live.

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Leo heard something. Something big. Something huge. Something with a metaphorically atomic or radioactive power to cause destruction, and it involves two parties that both belong to Leo’s social circle. The mental and moral fortitude required to keep this information to themselves is almost more than poor Leo can bear. It’s the kind of intel you feel an immediate need to tell someone because of its shock value and enormity. Hearing it for the first time felt like experiencing an earthquake. That’s how monumental of a game changer it was. Something Leo had taken for granted proved to be incredibly wrong, and now their view of this individual has forever changed. While the other party involved is being horribly taken advantage of, Leo knows it’s definitely not their place to break this news. The fallout isn’t something they want to get caught in the middle of.

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Scorpio’s secret is the same one that keeps rearing its ugly head on and off throughout their lives: they’re bored and don’t know what to do about it. They’re the type that fantasizes about dropping everything, moving somewhere new, and not informing a soul of their change of address. The secret is they feel—no, they know, that they are capable of so much more than they currently have going on. There are entire careers, family genealogies, torrid romances, and plans for world domination that exist only within their imaginations. The only thing stopping them from becoming a reality is Scorpio’s own hesitation. Perhaps, if they took the risk of sharing any of these thoughts with a trusted companion, they would receive the small kernel of encouragement they need to jump out of the nest they currently inhabit and soar to the heights they’re built for.

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