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4 Zodiacs Searching For Meaning On November 30


Cancer has reached a moment of doubt where they wonder if all of their effort is even worth it. They have been putting their blood, sweat, and tears into a purpose that moves them, but it appears everyone around them couldn’t care less. It’s not that they’re looking for praise or recognition, but if all of their work isn’t bringing anyone any kind of happiness or enjoyment, they question whether they should be lifting a finger at all. They need to recognize that their happiness and enjoyment also matters. It’s like giving a gift to someone that they ultimately don’t like. Cancer can still derive satisfaction from the act of generosity. They need to continue to be the person they feel the world needs, regardless of anyone else’s reaction.


Pisces gets overwhelmed at the vastness of the world around them. They are the type to be fascinated by different subjects and fields. They’ll geek out over anything—history, space, technology, books, animals, you name it. The complexity of it all, the impossibility of ever learning or comprehending it all, makes them wonder why it all exists in the first place, what purpose it serves. It’s unlikely Pisces will ever find a satisfactory answer, and the acceptance of that fact makes it easier for them to focus on finding their own purpose, even if it is to seek out as much information and enjoy all the amazing things and ideas they have access to as a small part in a much bigger puzzle.


Libra looks for meaning in the face of tragedy, as many others do in light of a harrowing experience. It’s natural to want an explanation, or a single digestible reason to understand the incomprehensible. When it seems like it’s impossible to move on or continue living life when everything is so shockingly changed, Libra grounds themselves in what remains consistent. Things like their support system and things they’ve found consistent joy in throughout their lives. Even when all they can manage to do is get up and go through the motions, they maintain a small sliver of hope that a new sense of normal will eventually be possible. It soothes them to know their experience could one day help them comfort someone in a similar situation one day.


Gemini searches for meaning in their own choices and circumstances. The question that weighs on their mind is as simple as “how did I get myself into this mess?” Why did I volunteer to bake an obnoxious amount of cookies? Why am I stuck staying up all night to finish a project others were supposed to help me on? Why do I get roped into doing things I don’t want to do? The greatest thing about introspection like this is that answers are usually readily available for those willing to do the work. Self-understanding has the ability to widen our understanding of those around us with a new sense of empathy and insight and grants us the power to change our own lives.

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