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4 Zodiacs Letting Go Of What No Longer Serves Them This Summer

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With a new moon entering Gemini at the start of summer (June 6th), Geminis are set on new sights. New moons help us let go of what is holding us back and realign with what we truly want moving forward. They signal a fully fresh start which is the perfect way for Gemini to let go of what no longer serves them this summer.

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Two major astrological events are happening back to back in Pisces this summer: Saturn going retrograde in Pisces on June 29th and Neptune going retrograde in Pisces on July 2nd.

A Saturn retrograde has major implications on our worldly perspectives. It pushes us to slow down and review the relationships in our lives and whether or not they are fulfilling us. Not to mention, it places a heavy lens on what in our life is built to make us happy long-term.

Meanwhile, Neptune is linked with dreams which is why when it goes retrograde (particularly in its home sign of Pisces), it encourages us to reassess what we truly want in life.

With both of these retrogrades occurring so close together in Pisces, Pisceans are going to feel hyper-focused on cutting out the dead weight from their life. This summer is a time for Pisces to step in line with what they truly desire and let go of what’s holding them back from their inner purpose.

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Two major astrological events are happening back to back in Leo this summer: the asteroid Vesta entering Leo on June 19th and Mercury entering Leo on July 2nd.

Vesta is an asteroid that helps us to balance our deepest dreams with our everyday steps taken towards achieving those dreams. With Vesta entering Leo on June 19th, Leos are going to feel particularly inclined to come into their own this summer and achieve their truest aspirations.

Mercury is the planet tied to effective communication and thought processing. With Mercury entering Leo on July 2nd, Leos are going to be as articulate as ever and profess what’s on their mind clearly.

With seamless communication in their midst and the realignment of their desires with their everyday goals, Leos are going to be unstoppable this summer. They will cut out what is weighing them down and move forward more confident than ever.

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There is a lot of action happening in Cancer this summer including Venus in Cancer on June 16th, Mercury in Cancer on June 17th, and a new moon in Cancer on July 5th.

Venus is the planet of love and passion and with it sliding into Cancer on June 16th, Cancers are in for a lovely treat. It will push Cancers to reevaluate their love interests and encourage them to open their hearts.
Similar to Leo, Cancers have Mercury entering their sign this summer. Mercury fuels effective communication; allowing us to clearly state the thoughts we’re harboring.

New moons indicate that it’s time for a fresh start and with a new moon entering Cancer on July 5th, Cancers are encouraged to step onto a new path.

With communication on their side, love in the air, and a fresh start on the horizon, Cancers are brewing the perfect trifecta for a summer embodying ‘out with the old, in with the new’

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