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4 Zodiacs Learning To Be More Assertive


Ruled by the messenger god, Mercury, you have a talent for taking in and releasing information, Gemini. As one of the most verbally communicative signs, you share what’s on your mind quite naturally. In the past, you’ve been prone to drowning the voice of your opinion in a sea of intellectuality. Although you easily see all sides of an equation, you’re learning what it means to be more assertive from a holistic point of view. Whereas before intellectuality reigned supreme, you’re learning what it means to stand deeper in the voice of your heart. When heart and mind collide, the power of your words develops exponentially, and you lessen a tendency towards mental and emotional fatigue. There is more power in your words than eyes can ever meet.


Known for being one of the most social Zodiac signs, Libra, you’re gifted at maintaining equanimity and striving for fairness in all of your many relationships. Your natural tendency is to help others feel included, whether that involves offering your presence as a listening ear, connecting members of your tribe, or sharing your voice to foster conversation. A treasured vibe curator, you know just how to romanticize sweet nothings and bring pleasure to all eyes you meet. Your love for balance may make you prone to watering down the validity of your own voice. Ironically, this creates disconnection between you and others. In this season of life, you’re learning the importance of developing your own opinion. People-pleasing and telling half-truths do nothing to foster authentic relationships. Others love you for who you are, and they feel closer to you as you embody personal expression from a place of deep self-connection.


The wise elder of the Zodiac, Capricorn, your talent lies in bringing projects to fruition. As an earth sign, you have a practical nature that helps others feel grounded and secure. In Vedic astrology, your planetary ruler Saturn is known as the “bearer of karma,” and expresses universal principles of patience and discipline that bring all outcomes into physical manifestation. You may struggle with withdrawal, as your drive for hard work may lead you down an endless path of seeking internal approval with no resolve. As you go about your journey, you’re seeing tendencies to be your own harshest critic. You carry an extreme well of patience and understanding for the process of others. The dichotomy of this awareness is coming into visibility, allowing you to see your tremendous leadership qualities. Becoming more assertive in sharing who you are, you embrace the spectrum of your humanity and learn to see yourself with greater clarity and awe.


Spiritual and empathetic Pisces, you bring a gentle grace charming everyone you meet. You have a passion for exploring consciousness, and are able to daydream like no other. Your calm demeanor makes you easily approachable, and you’re able to hold space for the emotional state of others. Your extreme psychic qualities make you sensitive to absorbing too much from the external world. In the past, you’ve struggled with setting poor personal boundaries. Over time, you’ve seen the importance of living true to your own self, engaging in activities that fill up your cup. The natural byproduct of this process is becoming more assertive in expressing who you are. Living from a deeper place of integrity provides you the energy you need to live in accordance with your own deep intuition

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