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4 Zodiacs Having A Lucky Beginning Of 2024 This Week (January 1 – 7)

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It’s 2024. Happy New Year! Now that we’ve begun a new year, do you feel any different? Has anything changed, or is it the same sort of daily struggle you dealt with all of 2023? While nothing has changed for most of us, the same can’t be said for these four lucky zodiac signs. Things seem to be looking up for you this week, especially if you know where to look for your good luck. You might as well ride this high while it lasts.

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Last year was a rollercoaster for you. There were plenty of ups, but there were just as many downs. And, knowing you, you might have gotten stuck in the ruts, dwelling on the myriad ways that life wasn’t going your way. The best thing about a new year is your fresh perspective on life. There’s an undercurrent of hope that moves through you as you transition from one year to the next, insisting that this year will be different. It’s that often uncharacteristic positive attitude that’s attracting all the luck this week. Are you actually lucky or is it just a shift in your perspective? In the end, the answer doesn’t matter.

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You’re one of those people who make their own luck. You don’t wait around for the universe to give you the go-ahead. You’re barreling forward toward your goals at lightspeed and don’t accept anything less. Since New Year’s resolutions are your jam, you have an extra kick this week to make luck turn your way. It might be the universe rewarding all your hard work or, more likely, you’re just bending luck to your will. Either way, the outcome is the same: You’re getting exactly what you want (and need) this week.

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You’re not so sure that luck even exists. You like to think that you have full control over your life and that fate is just a fairy tale. Who knows? You may be right. Yet, if you’re honest with yourself, you have to admit there have been times in your life when everything constantly went wrong, and others when it went so right. That certainly sounds like luck. This week, the odds seem to be in your favor. Maybe it’s the universe telling you to trust the process.

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Good luck seems to be attracted to you, and that’s probably because of your attitude. Even when things go wrong, you’re good at spinning it into a good thing. When you come across an obstacle, it doesn’t stay that way for long. You plow through it, not letting anything get in the way of your dreams. This week, especially with a new year ahead of you, your positive energy will bring you all the good luck you could ever need. Use it to make your life amazing, as always.

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